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Jun Sung (Violin Covers)

Let’s look at a smattering of ideas, shall we?

Well before January 5th, 2016 when Mercury goes Retrograde. Great way to start the year, Well I just discovered that, so moving forward. Doreen says, the angels say, “we are going through energy reassignment.” My friend has been telling me that as well.

Here is Anna Merkaba at Sacred Ascension‘s take:

“Beginning December 25th, 2015 with Uranus stationing direct, all major planets in our solar system will be moving direct/forward, Manifestations can be quickened during this time.

Through the planetary alignments you shall feel a difference in your understanding of self. You shall be presented with various outcomes and timelines from which to choose from in order to continue your mission here on earth, and the timelines that you shall see, shall be seen by all and selected by all whom you are to be walking with on your path.  A mutual cognition of a new reality structure and a mutual agreement upon the timeline and experiences to be had shall be made…

…For through fully aligning yourself with the Fifth Dimensional frequencies you shall then be able to manifest the realities of your choice! You shall then be able to fully move into  a new phase, whereby all the senses of your present cognition and those unbeknownst to you yet, shall activate and allow you to see beyond the veil, allowing you to experience a different type of reality of BEing, allowing you to walk through veil of forgetfulness arriving at the very core of your own being, communicating freely with those of the higher dimensions and those of the third dimensional earth…

…The acquisition of new technological prowess has allowed humanity to enter a new era of technologically driven automation. And it is through the technology sector of your world, that your earth shall see a rise in new biological structures which will allow you to propel the knowing of your true origins and agendas placed before you by your higher selves upon the entrance into the Matrix System of Planet X…

For through the knowing of your past the knowing of your the true origins, humanity shall be able to take the final step into the destination of full awakening, into the destination of full awakening to that which they are, and propel themselves further still…

….It is through the new seedings, who shall walk freely amongst humans, carrying the collective consciousness of all who have come and gone. It is through these new beings the “new kids”, who shall transform said energies and absorb said energies and erase the past in human cognitive understanding, that the change that you all are longing to uphold shall take place.

It is through your endeavors and the endeavors of your kind shall the earthlings finally be able to grasp the understanding of Karma, and release it once and for all from their memory banks. And it is through the endeavors of each and every single soul presently occupying time and space continuum on the planet known as Gaia that the experiment of the 3rd dimension shall come to an end…”

Read more at:

Sacred Ascension

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Blue Fairy Tale



I have a great new blogging friend~Dewin Nefol Dewin has been most kind in their comments to me on my blog. So thank you so much. This post is an answer to a question Dewin ask me. I quote Dewin in their comment from “Sacred Feathers.”

I wonder where the Blue dimension to your nature derives from? The Butterfly symbolism is something I understand entirely, but Blue? That has to be something more than a dimensional property, and much closer to being a aspect of infinity?

Here is the answer as I imagine it. My life and beliefs are like a fairy tale that I create from what I experience and what I choose. So if anyone thinks, “That’s crazy!” So what, your entitled and I understand it, as I believe a lot of popular beliefs are crazy. To each their own. (Smile) Namaste~

So the blue thing started several years ago. If you have read my About page, you know I mention studying Keylontic Science. It is really interesting and I had some phenomenal experiences, but they are culty and said mean things, so I thought, “No, this cannot be good.” That is just my opinion, but I dropped it hard. However there I worked with a lot of the flames, blue flames (flame like a color spectrum scaler wave). Blue Frequency, gold, pink, amethyst and so on, as well as in geometric’s. This followed several years of a daily qigong practice, so I had elevated my chi/prana/life force energy at this time.  I really resonated with the blue and the amethyst, which you also see a lot on my blog color wise.

After this time was the huge move from my home of 30 years, in Los Angeles to my brothers house in Louisiana. When I started to blog, I was just playing around, it was a fluke. I had no idea people suddenly read it, then I was committed. I had been having constant images of the blue butterfly. I had seen the film, The Blue Butterfly, its awesome, see it. So when I had to come up with a blog name and no time, that was it. I digress but it is all relative to the story as a blue whole. Haha blue whole.

I also have always have an affinity to the renditions of Krishna and the blue people. I believe that they were aliens from the Pleiades star system. Its what I enjoy believing. So I do. I believe I am from this planet and I believe I am a Blue Flame energy holder in this incarnation, and I hold that energy where requested, which is why I had to move again in 2013 to now reside in Arizona.

That’s my fairy tale life story. There was a picture on FB of the sky over the desert filled with vimana’s and I really resonated with it. I have a 1 picture per post rule or I would share it. Here is the vimana pic from FB .


Oh PS: I forgot to add, I saw Krishna and some other blue people at the meditation last Thursday (minds eye of course) but they really didn’t say or do anything. It was like they were greeters to another dimension but…. I didn’t have the time to explore it. The meditation only last an hour. lol


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Hearts Rainbow


I wanted to share more of the experiences I had in my group meditation last Thursday before too much time passes, as I see it is not just for me but for us all. I just get to see it and so I can share it. I am not certain but I believe it was the same collective that used the butterflies as a healing visual, also had a bright white flower of life but it floated as a disc above you and then came down through the body, it was the breaking up of dark energy device. Makes sense as the butterflies then come all flutter it away.

Later when Archangel Michael came in like a Las Vegas magician, I mean no disrespect, he is a friend, and he came in a very grand way, blazing his white blue sword, cutting all cords from the room. Knowing him personally he has a much more relatable manner, the facilitator says she has had this conversation with him as well. lol Then through Holly he mentioned shielding and I saw 4 large gold energetic ovals, the size of doors, to the front, back, and sides of me. I have searched the internet thoroughly for an image. It was gold as in gold but energetic, a swirl pattern with open ends. I found an ancient Chinese artifact that looks like it, but it is round just elongate it and that is it. Here.

The oval then morphed into a capsule that meet on each side an elongated egg shape, I am sure there is a name for this shape…. Anyways and then it spins clockwise around you. It is a shield not a merkabah but similar in spin principle. It was a really strong and clear visual.

There was one another thing, I will save for my next post.

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I Am Brahman~


As I was just looking through my blog, I came across my last post on the same title, I Am Brahman~ This is the Truth~ Here~

As I read it, I remembered the experience I had when I posted it, the awesome meditation cd, The Secret to Healing by Deepak Chopra.( I know I never mention him, and no I am not employed by them. lol It was just $13 well spent.) I just expanded into the oneness. It was a phenomenal experience.

Not only Am I Brahman, We Are All Brahman~ That is so cool.

.¸¸*¨`*..¸ƸӜƷ ✫❀✿.¸¸*¨`*..¸ƸӜƷ ✫❀✿.¸¸*¨`*..¸ƸӜƷ ✫❀

I really have wanted to embed this amazing, awesome, heart expanding film but no code I have tried works. I checked working code and compared, no, will not work. Anyways, so I am not going to withhold it from you any longer. With no further adieu, allow me to present~

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds

Part 1~ Akasha

Its in High Definition, so watch full screen. It is in 4~ 30 minute sections. I hope you watch it, and share it. You can create your own post with it. Please do, you can probably even embed it. lol  Just share it~

Here is there website, I emailed the filmmaker my gratitude & appreciation and he emailed me back. Imagine that. Just a lovely, conscious film~

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Through the Portal

This post was going to be Hobbit related as in the Gnomes and Pygmies Elementals of earth, however looking through my images I start to notice many circles. This is only a fragment, there are crystal ball, mandalas, sun, moon ,planets, grapefruits and so on.

The circle means so much as a shape. The Circle of life, the Wuji’ the nothingness and encompassing all.

“God is a circle whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere.”

Hermes Trismegistus

Our eyes probably first see a circle of light when we are born and a circle of light when we die. Shapes and geometry are a trip. I have studied some Sacred Geometry but I like discovery on my own. Portal, doesn’t that word just invite you? It does me. It is like the word enchantment. My friend, blogger Karen Wan, is writing about.


I enter portals within portals into infinity. I walk in magic at every second.

Quote by me. lol