Ramping Up

Nicoletta C

So here we go. Getting ready for our 11 Day Cooperative Blogging Clearing Challenge. I am so very excited that so far, the lovely ladies are joining me. Come on fellas. There is 1 open day at this point. I am going to put the list below with links to the participating blogs. Shree I am going to put you on, as I know you would want to be a part. lol

So tomorrow, I will post and then link the blog for the following day, which will be Linda. Linda on the 12th will link Julianne at the bottom of her post and so on. I cannot wait to read all your post. Thanks and let’s have a great time cleaning out our closets, physically, psychologically and spiritually… hey even karmically!

12-Linda~ litebeing chronicles
13-Julianne~Through the Peacock’s Eyes
14-Karen~Karen Kubicko
15-Me  (My apologies to Deelia on my goof)
16-Lisa~My Spirit Journey
17-Debra~The Ptero Card & Deelia ~ Soul Fields
19-Shree~ The Heartsongs Blog
21-Barbara~Me, My Magnificent Self

Thanks Ladies~~~~

Guys 😦 Whats up with that? 😉


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