Clearing Now With Love


First of all I want to show my Gratitude to all the Writers, Teachers and Bloggers of Light. I have read the most inspiring and uplifting articles and messages in the last few days. Those switches are on and the valves are wide open with love pouring in. I will link them below, two are already linked in my last post.

This morning I ran across an amazing Word Press Blogger who I found on Facebook through a good FB friend Milton Foster: John Smallman’s Blog. He has an interesting name as he is no small man by the volume of his wisdom and insight. His post is titled, A Massive release of Pent-up negative energy is occurring in preparation for humanity’s awakening.

This is very evident, if you are inclined to go with the notion (as I am) that this date in linear and non-linear time is relevant to the Spiritual Awakening and Self Remembeing of this Galactic Transitional Now!

So I thought this makes good sense. If we are to move up in frequency spiritually we really need to clean and clear out any vestiges of negativity from our soul, Akashic Records, heart, mind & emotional body. Salt & Baking Soda baths with our favorite fragrances or essential oils, candles prayers, chants and meditations. Random and steady acts of kindness and true love.

I have a Clearing of Vows & Contracts from the Askashic Records document written by the author Anne Brewers, that I posted on June 4, 2012 when my blog was young. I recently read and spoke these clearing words. I have linked it here for you. I will be doing it again today or tomorrow. As we amp up to the 12/12/12 through the 12.21/12 I was thinking of having a love challenge of some sort? Hmm? Maybe? 🙂

Lets heal & love as we say “Goodbye, Adios, Bon Voyage, Shalom, Arrivederci” to all our old fears, resentments, angers, sadness, hurts and so on. Take each like a wounded child, kiss it on top of the head, or give it a hug and send it off to play in the beautiful blissful meadow.

Peace & Love


It Is Now


I like many others I know have been anticipating this linear date/time for a long, long time. Depending on what you believe, but since I believe in a life purpose and reincarnation, I will share from that perspective. Yesterday I was fortunate to read  a post on Transitions, a blog by Denise Lefay which truly echoed and paralleled, my thoughts and feelings on this monumental time. This post is about the importance of NOW. If by chance you are a Metaphysical thinker or a Spiritual person and you hold any store to the relevance of this December 2012, you will find this message that Denise shared by an entity that calls itself Conscious Awareness, very relevant I found it profound and inspiring. Here is an excerpt:

That you are, each and one of you, Divine in your nature. That each and every one is a part of the Divine plan for these times. And that many have come specifically, indeed, this Awareness would say, all have come specifically at this time to have the experience of these times. Those who have volunteered to be present in this time of unfolding, this time of ending, this time of new beginnings, have done so with clear inner awareness that they indeed did volunteer.

It is a channeled message but I really resonated with it. Thank you Conscious Awareness & Denise Le Fay.

I feel NOW is the TIME, the TIME is NOW for ALL of us to AWAKEN, like sleeper cells. To AWAKEN to our mission of assisting in TRANSITION & ENLIGHTENMENT. For two weeks from December 12 to December 21 BE YOUR HIGHEST EXPRESSION of YOUR DIVINE SELF. REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

Sorry for the CAPS, I am just really adamant about this.