Flocks Of Love



Was it the sweet moonlight visitation of the Goddess Lakshmi, or was it Amy, at The Dream Well, telling me of the flocks of wild parrots? I don’t know, but I do know that my wish was granted, as yesterday a flock of twenty, or so parrots, who were first heard, and then landed in my back garden. I was astounded, a flock of parrots in Phoenix, Arizona? So as we do, I Googled it. Sure enough the African Peach Faced Love Birds thrive in the wild here. Who would have thunk it? Not I. Awhile back I saw a bright spot of yellow in one of my trees, but thought again it was possibly a lost pet.

In a way they are a manifestation, as I have long wished for colorful birds, and they are certainly a totem, and now I will say amplified. From my previous post, October Totem,

“Parrot is a magical totem that teaches us that the world is full of possibility.”

I really find it magical. The article linked above said that they did not appear to be affecting the local ecosystem, and that their flocking pattern help them to allude predators, such as hawks, so they flourish.

Thank you for the healing which is still requested.