Hello Angel Signs


Okay first off….lmao…. You just got to love angels and their sense of humor. Well it could be my sense of humor as well. I have been meaning to write about these angel signs for over a month and I just hadn’t gotten around to it. So about 5 or 6 weeks ago I was asking for angel signs from the angels and I got them. One day I ask would they please show me they were there by showing me signs, such as; yellow flowers raining down, (Now this could easy happen, as they are in trees everywhere. Which is why I ask. I knew it would happen, and I was going to consider it an angel sign,) Numbers, 3 11 or any variation of, and feathers. Well I get to work, I talk to them on my way, you could call it praying, and I park the car. The yellow flowers rain down, (as was expected) then I look down and see feathers to the left outside the car. Then in front of me a dirt devil, (that is what they call this wind creations) so a dirt devil picks up the yellow flowers from the ground, and creates a yellow flower vortex right in front of my parked car. I kid you not! I was like, thank you, thank you thank you! ❤

I was smiling and so happy. The next day I ask again, on my way to work, I ask for the same signs, I park in the same place. First the flowers rain down, and then another yellow flower vortex forms in front of my car. I kid you not! lol

I look up and I just had noticed before, the row in front of where I am parked with a big number 3. So this was over a month ago. I talk to them a lot/or pray, whatever you want to call it. Last week I ask them for Hello Kitty, not impossible, but more unusual. It was probably a week ago I ask for Hello Kitty. Today driving home from shopping in my neighborhood I see purple and blue balloons, as I get close I see a giant Hello Kitty on their garage door. I kid you not! lol I took a picture but it isn’t very good. I stopped the car and just laughed.

I drew a card Thursday night, as Jeanette, our group meditation facilitator walked around the room with her deck, I was one of the last to choose, and what did I pull but Metatron.

So anyways the angels are really there for any of you, all you have to do is ask. They love to help and be with you, so ask, ask, ask! They need your permission with Free Will Clause and all. 😉


Much Love