Majestic King



 Some very interesting things going on lately, I suspect has to do with Venus Retrograde, in addition to our own Linda, at litebeing chronicles, losing her beloved cat, Dexter, a couple of other people I know, have also had their dear cat children transition. Plus we have Cecil being killed and becoming a symbol for animal rights. All this as we approach Leo. I am not a astrologer but it is just a curious observation. My cat Buster transitioned on 8/8 2008. As many know 8/8 is known as the Lions Gate Portal. I saw a meme on FB of Cecil that read, “Can One Lion Awaken the World.” Perhaps he can! I had a dream with him yesterday afternoon, we were standing in a field of tall grass looking at the setting sun. I wish I could remember more but I had a feeling of the message, and it was one of great love. Perhaps Cecil agreed in advance to sacrifice himself for us, to show us to love and care as humans. I don’t know?

One thing that struck me when I saw the news was great anger at the smiling dentist. Social media was in an outrage. I jumped on the bandwagon as well, I signed and posted petitions on FB. However the rage and hatred directed at this game hunter, and lion killer wasn’t of the oneness consciousness I like to think I ascribe to, so I started to look within, to look at the hypocrisy of my own righteous indignation. In another video I saw recently young people at a music festival were asked to watch a video on corporate farming and their reactions were filmed. Video Once it got to the video they were viewing I stopped watching, I have seen PETA videos, I know what the animals I eat endure, yep, its sad. So that is fair warning if you also do not wish to see it. This brings me back to this man who killed Cecil. I don’t like it and many do not like it but lets not forget to look at ourselves. I still eat meat, but I have long felt it in moral question, for myself.

I want to acknowledge Cecil, this great, and majestic being. Animals deserve rights, we have failed as conservators. Bless them. Here is a video that really just touched my heart a month or so ago, an animal communicator speaks with a very angry black leopard. Video, follow up Video. Looking here into Cecil’s green eyes makes one wonder what he would have had to say to Anna Breytenbach.

It is my great hope that we find forgiveness for the dentist, and that Cecil’s death counts for something.

Here was Jimmy Kimmel’s take on it, he is appropriately harsh on the dentist, but makes some good points. Even though Big Game Hunter’s were romanticized in our past by film and literature, like Hemingway, it needs to stop. So let’s certainly add our efforts to this cause.

Namaste Sister’s & Brothers~


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