Who List His Wealth….

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 Anne Boleyn by Adam Chater


Who List his Wealth and Ease retain

by Sir Thomas Wyatt


Who list his wealth and ease retain,
Himself let him unknown contain.
Press not too fast in at that gate
Where the return stands by disdain:
For sure, circa Regna tonat.

The high mountains are blasted oft
When the low valley is mild and soft.
Fortune with Health stands at debate.
The fall is grievous from aloft.
And sure, circa Regna tonat.

The Bell Tower showed me such sight
That in my head sticks day and night.
There did I learn out of a grate,
For all favor, glory, or might,
That yet circa Regna tonat.

By proof, I say, there did I learn:
Wit helpeth  not defense to yerne,
Of innocence to plead or prate.
Bear low, therefore, give God the stern,
For sure, circa Regna tonat.


 Latin: circa Regna tonat is taken from Seneca’s, Phaedra, and translates to “He [Jupiter] thunders around thrones.”

It is thought Sir Thomas wrote this from The Tower of London where he was being held on charges of committing adultery with Anne Boleyn. He also watched her beheading from his cel. I am busy studying, but I found this tragically beautiful. The art is from a middle school boy in Devonshire. I found it beautiful too.