A Golden Dawn

I don’t really know what to say about this image? She is so powerfully beautiful and I have had this image for awhile. Why share it now? I am not certain, I feel like we have entered a new dawn, a golden one. Although I understand it may not look that way, especially if you watch the news, which I do not. I do not watch television really. I will deny the obvious if it does not belong in the architectural plans of my dream. It is definitely heating up in every way. You have to break some eggs to make an omelette.

I am going on a journey to the Emerald City, okay just Los Angeles, I will be taking the train, which I love, and I hope to be inspired. Of course I am going to see my friends, but I feel there is a bigger reason of which I have no idea. I feel like I had to go whether I wanted to or not. That freaks me out a little, those conscious mandates we receive from our guides or over soul, as it were. But I know all is well but I have a little anxiety.

I have been super busy since school let out, I read Book Two, in The Arthurian Saga by Mary Stewart, The Hollow Hills, oh boy, that was rich, I loved it. Book Three, The Last Enchantment, is sitting here but I dare not begin as I read for three solid days with the last one. I will take it with me on my sojourn. I also joined National Council of the Teachers of English, summer reading program, we are reading a text on teaching YA literature in high school classroom with an established YA pedagogy. It is cool as they have it on a FB Group I get to chat with veteran English teachers all over the country.

I am also working on expanding the short story, The Blue Orb, which is fun, and I have been doing some writing for a Los Angeles photographer. My wonderful boyfriend has helped me create my Fairy garden and all is well in my universe.

I really enjoyed this angelic meditation it is my gift to you friends.

Angel Fire Transmission: Working with the Archangels

By Steve Nobel

I love you.



Runaway Train

Every day I am blessed to be in the company of angels, especially last Friday. Life is so hectic and my challenges were paramount last week: my break lights were out so I put my car in the shop, it was there for two days and not fixed, my internet was down, and all the final projects are coming due for school. So Friday morning I take the train to school, I had a lovely conversation with a lady I see regularly on my commute, but I still had a preoccupied mind. I reached my stop, I said goodbye to the lady, and I started walking toward the intersection, I had observed another girl on the train because I liked her ASU tee- shirt, it had ASU in gold sequins, and she had a cute polka dot leather purse. She was heading in my direction and I guess I was watching her while in my head, she stopped abruptly and I wondered why, I almost continued and two steps further and I would have been hit by the train. They had even announced the train was approaching. I am telling you I could have reached out and touched it. lol What an eye opener to awareness. Mindfullness could save your life. Not that I was aware, clearly I wasn’t. So my guardian angel Seraphina saved me yet again. Or it could have been any of the angels as I talk with them everyday and ask for their assistance, protection, and guidance. It was my sisters birthday and not my day to die or be mangled, thanks angels!



Karen Tarlton


How’s Your Week Been

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Oh brother where art thou? lol Well this isn’t really a funny post, but you just have to laugh. It has been a rough couple of weeks, school is going fine but finances not so much. As much as I believe in the Law of Attraction and staying positive this has not been easy. It could be worse, and I am grateful but stuff is looming, at least in my psychology. I wish I could practice what I preach, and I am making effort to, I am. Just haven’t been able to transmute this base metal into gold, yet…………… Still in life’s laboratory working on it. (Oh, that is good, can I use that in my essay about, The Self?) Lets just call this a rough draft and I continue.

So, got the computer back after spending $350, which mind you I didn’t have to spare. Good start of the week, still anxiety looming, hormones flipping out, at my British Literature class Wednesday night, and at the break get a call from an unknown number in LA. Allow me to digress one moment to say, “Read Gawain and the Green Knight,” that was some darn good writing. If you like the King Arthur/Knights of the Round Table legends, it is good. Oh and here is a documentary from the BBC.

Okay back to the Lamentations of a Blue Butterfly, ha ha too much literature, I crack myself up, and still this is not a funny post. So, the call is a friend of a friend, that is not usually a good sign. He informs me that my friend has committed suicide, and has been dead for over a week. I was struck like someone threw cold water on me. I started to cry but I had to go back into class so I ceased crying, and then we watched the above linked documentary. Then of course I had to digest this afterwards, as well as contact our mutual friends who had not been told. I didn’t get that all done until this afternoon. Now I am going to release it. Lots of homework and studies to attend to, as well as working in the psychological laboratory, and getting my attitude gold, or better. I will not do myself any favors if I do not make adjustments there.

Last night in meditation (the bright spot of the week) we spent some time with the angelic realm, as we usually do. Jeanette said that we were going to have two angels working with us, specializing in each of us, asides from our usual angelic friends. I saw a handsome angel approach me, I heard his name, I am Chamuel. He looked like those Anglo paintings of Jesus. I say, “You look like Jesus,” he says, “Yes, I have heard that.” lol When I googled him once home, the image I saw was identical. That is pretty cool, huh? I wasn’t that familiar with him. I recall a girl on The Voice had a last name that I knew was the name of an Archangel, but that was all. I didn’t see another specific angel but it is probably Zedkiel as he always seems to be attending me. So not to be such a downer, but I just needed to put it out there. You all have always been such an emotional and energetic support, as well as good cheerleaders.

I hope everyone is well, really I do. I miss reading everyone’s blogs, and staying up with what is going on with you.

Sending my love.



Angel Butterfly



Happy Tuesday friends. I am having a lovely day and wish the same for you. I have been doing some Angel Light/Reiki healings today for friends, and their loved ones. The first testimonial I have is my own. For about a month prior to the initiation ceremony last Sunday, I had been gnashing my teeth when I slept at night, despite prayer, but since then it has stopped. I am so relieved, I think it was just stress. Weird to be stressed on the inside and not even know it on the outside.  Anyways I digress…..

The point of this post is to share this amazing teacher, channel I just heard. Her name is Crystal Anne Compton. She was featured in OM Times on Facebook. I will link her page here. This video she shares a Powerful Angel Invocation. She also explains quite well a few things we all can keep in mind when asking/invocating angels.

Like Crystal says this is to be done with a reverent heart.

Powerful Angel Invocation

I have it here phonetically as she has it.

Eenu Rah

Eenu Rah

Eenu Rah Zay

Said no less than Seven times.

Crystal’s response to my question of the origin of the invocation, ” The invocation wasn’t given to me by the angels. I was given the invocation by a teacher/mentor who works with AA Raphael. At the time she gave the info I was a bit skeptical…until I used the invocation! It works.”


I haven’t used it myself yet, as I must have a prepared self and space, but I shall.


Crystal Anne Compton Facebook

Crystal Anne Compton YouTube

Crystal Anne Compton Introduction


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Hearts Rainbow


I wanted to share more of the experiences I had in my group meditation last Thursday before too much time passes, as I see it is not just for me but for us all. I just get to see it and so I can share it. I am not certain but I believe it was the same collective that used the butterflies as a healing visual, also had a bright white flower of life but it floated as a disc above you and then came down through the body, it was the breaking up of dark energy device. Makes sense as the butterflies then come all flutter it away.

Later when Archangel Michael came in like a Las Vegas magician, I mean no disrespect, he is a friend, and he came in a very grand way, blazing his white blue sword, cutting all cords from the room. Knowing him personally he has a much more relatable manner, the facilitator says she has had this conversation with him as well. lol Then through Holly he mentioned shielding and I saw 4 large gold energetic ovals, the size of doors, to the front, back, and sides of me. I have searched the internet thoroughly for an image. It was gold as in gold but energetic, a swirl pattern with open ends. I found an ancient Chinese artifact that looks like it, but it is round just elongate it and that is it. Here.

The oval then morphed into a capsule that meet on each side an elongated egg shape, I am sure there is a name for this shape…. Anyways and then it spins clockwise around you. It is a shield not a merkabah but similar in spin principle. It was a really strong and clear visual.

There was one another thing, I will save for my next post.

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I have a new archangel friend. Maybe they were there all along but I just discovered this. At the meditation meetup Thursday, the facilitator Holly acts as a conduit for some amazing high frequencies. The room was filled with angels, I saw an angel I didn’t recognize came and touched me on my 3rd eye with silver. Later that night I did an Angel tarot reading and looked down to see an image on the Temperance card of the new angel (new to me) Zadkiel. So I thought I would do some research. I find him very playful.

(Painting above not the card but close.)


Just as Zadkiel encourages people to seek the forgiveness that God offers them, he also encourages people to forgive others who have hurt them, and helps deliver divine power that people can tap into to enable them to choose forgiveness, despite their hurt feelings. Zadkiel helps heal emotional wounds by comforting people and healing their painful memories. He helps repair broken relationships by motivating estranged people to show mercy to each other.


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About Holly:

About the facilitator: Holly Matthews is a channel for multidimensional consciousness. She has the ability to navigate dimensional frequencies and bring in their vibrational healing and intelligence by emanating them through her body into the room and floor. These fields of light are from sources of the archangels, ascended masters, Euphorics and from Source. You are assured a protected, positive environment with wonderful spiritual acceleration from these energies.

I love my Thursday night meditations. School is good. All is well.

I would like to thank Linda, of Litebeing Chronicles for my mini reading. A very spiritual and intuitive insight. I found it both comforting and helpful. Linda is now offering these services, which you can read more about here, on her Service Page.

Much love everyone, have a great week.


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