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Hello Friends! Well it’s finally here, my one year Word Press Blogiversary! That’s right, it has been a whole wonderful year of blogging. What began as an experiment, bluebutterfliesandme. I had no idea there would be readers. I had no idea that I would make friends. I had no idea that I could possibly inspire someone. I had no idea how much I would learn from all of you. I had no idea that I would meet all of you.

I apologize for my negligence in posting lately but real life has been real. I had a tough time finishing up with my school semester, being in a new relationship has taken my attention as well. I have wanted to make a couple of post, but they have a serious subject matter and would require cautious writing, which I have not been up to writing, or rather finishing. I have also been looking for summer work and will be working soon. I promise even if  the fare is light and fluffy, I will make an effort to post more frequently.

The list of my friends is too long to share but you all know who you are. I have so much gratitude to you all for your support and friendship this first year, and I look forward to the next. I am so grateful and happy to have made some really amazing friendships and deep heartfelt connections.

Thank you all so much for making this such a valuable and meaning part of my life!

All my love~


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Infinite Consciousness

Visual Paradox

I am the very essence in all things in the universe.


Excerpt from:

The Secret of Healing

Deepak Chopra

I changed the picture in the last post I Am Light. I had really wanted a flower.

But I like this picture, so here it is. new picture last post.  🙂

Joyous Heart

7 Petal Lotus

So, how is 2013 starting out for everybody? I am liking it thus far. I enjoyed my journey recently on Cameron Day’s , Ascension Help Blog and his techniques. I look forward to getting back into a daily Qigong practice. I am excited about my move to Phoenix and really telling myself that I love to drive across Texas. I am going to alternate between music and Deepak Chopra meditations.

Okay so my excellent friends, odie & om have nominate me for The Liebster Award. eyesOFOdysseus was one of the first blogs I followed and one of my first supporters. odie & odie mama post great pictures and sometimes together, we write fiction. Thank you odie & om ( ( ( ❤ ) ) )

I am not very honorable in following awards and the accompanied rules. Sorry~

I like the questions asked and I enjoyed reading om answers. Here~

Award Suggested Guidelines~

  • Answer the questions below.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers
  • Inform your nominees by posting a link on their blogs

The Questions:

What first inspired you to start writing a blog? 

Well, it is sort of an interesting reason. I was just messing around, experimenting. I hadn’t even intended to blog. I stumbled blindly into the blogiverse. I was interested in web design and possibly an online business, a friend recommended Word Press and the rest is history. hahaha~

What is the biggest challenge you have had to face when writing a blog?

Ego~ How will I be perceived? Is the perception I am giving you an honest one? Should I share things of a personal nature? What will people think if I share things of a personal nature? Whatever I post is out there. I just read this week in my Speech Interpersonal Communication text book, Interpersonal Communication is Irreversible, You cannot un-ring a bell. You can not make a first impression twice, and so on.

If you traveled through time, what time would you want to arrive at and why? 

Here I am going to go with what odie mama said…into the future where time travel is possible, then I can go to anytime.

However if I were to just pick one time in the past..I recently saw, what is now my favorite Woody Allen movie, Midnight In Paris.  so Paris in the 1920’s Gertrude Steins apartment, when Picasso and friends were there.

Do you prefer to eat chocolate, sweets or neither?

Ah...Chocolat…another favorite movie. I always say that I was tempted to earth by a mere taste of chocolate. However I am a sugar fiend period but  chocolate is my favorite.

Do you prefer to read or write?

For fun-read. For school-write. Really both for different reasons at different times.

What is your favorite non-fiction topic to read about and why?

I think my blog might answer this question. Spiritual things, New Age, Ascension, Channeled material, Buddhism, Hinduism stuff like that.

If you could buy one book that would help you solve a problem in your life, what would it be and why?

Well when I time traveled to the future, I would buy a sports almanac from 2014, so that I would be rich in 2015, just like Marty McFly intended, but Biff Tannen executed in Back to the Future.

Do you prefer to write at night or during the day?

Both but I am a night owl.

If you could be any character from a book, who would you be and why?

Liz, from Eat Pray Love, because I love that life as told in the book/film.

Do you prefer to read a printed book or an e-Book?

Interesting question, I hadn’t thought about it. I do more reading online but not entire books. I am going to go with online, it is just more comfortable and easy.

Here are my nominations, In no particular order:

If you have it already and do not want to do it again, cool. If you want to cool.

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Home Designs Master

*•.¸¸ ( ( ( ❤ ) ) ) ¸¸.•*

So many great blogs, if I did not nominate you it is probably because you already have this award. I try not to duplicate.

Award in sidebar.

Egoic Onion


Continuing on with Cameron Day’s Self Clearing System is Peeling the Layers. I used the term egoic onion because it is a good analogy. Cameron says,

During the process of reclaiming energy from self-created limited attitudes, the ego will flare up and try to reassert its power. The form this takes will vary from person to person, but things to watch out for are: irrational emotional outbursts, judging others / yourself / the current events of your life, lack based thoughts, dwelling on painful emotions of the past, worrying about the future, trying to diminish or control another person, etc.

When this happens, simply thank your ego for showing you the next layer of that issue, minimize the ego, then engage the process of reclaiming your energy from the issue. This simple process, if engaged often enough, will literally “unravel” the structure of your ego, and the ego’s fight for importance will simply show you the exact issues that are still unresolved in your psyche.


It is a process but one worth the endeavor. I have lots of onions to peel.

Reclaim Your Power


 Identifying our issues and taking back our power from them.

For technique go Here.


On this day we celebrate Martin Luther King, a great man of Peace, let us manifest Peace!

Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

Peace & Love


Bring It Up


The next step in Cameron’s system after the Cosmic Flush, is called Energy Refund, in Qigong it was called Soul Retrieval, in another system, Shadow Dancers, and so on. The point is that if oneself is working toward Conscious Awareness, growth, and healing, this is something we have to do. Clean the Closet, so too speak, bring up all those old fears, pains and resentments, heal them, and transmute them.  Then reclaim your energy.  Bring it up to conscious awareness one at a time, rinse and repeat.

I have avoided this process, like the plague, in all the above mentioned systems. I know. I do, I know. lol So now I commit to myself to get to work, and heal, reclaim and reintegrate my energy. I believe in Qigong it is called soul fragmentation, as memory serves me.

So no matter what your technique for doing this is…lets get to getting. Shall we? Together we can send love and support through the process.

Energy Refund Self – Clearing System


For me the below article applies to this step as well and I found it very helpful and informative.

Here is an excerpt from Cameron Day’s article:

Embracing Pain as a Tool for Self – Transformation

We transmute pain, suffering and fear back into a neutral state of energy by allowing a painful experience and the associated emotions to come fully into our awareness without judging it, resisting it or trying to bury it.  When the full light of our conscious awareness is focused on a limiting emotional-memory complex while we are in a state of total acceptance, the energy we have put into the pain and the resistance to the pain transmutes back to a state of pure energy that we can reintegrate into our consciousness.

I have work to do.

Peace & Love,


The Cosmic Flush


This step in Cameron Day’s Clearing Technique is just brilliant, and simple. He calls it the Cosmic Flush. You can read it, or hear it Here.

It reminds me of Qigong and “Lift Chi Up, Pull Chi Down, but this is faster, I still recommend the Qigong as well. In Qigong I would use the analogy of thinking of your energetic matrices as pipes, and the energy as water. When your pipes are clogged, you flush them. It reinvigorates and energizes your every atom.

With Full Self Sovereignty ~I AM~

The Cosmic Flush

Self-Clearing System level 1, Step 2

Ascension Help Blog

Inner Divine Self


This week as I have been enriched by the perceptions, teachings, sharing, techniques and meditations, of Cameron Day at Ascension Help Blog, I found this point particularly important. My perception of Higher Self and Heart Center. In this blog post Cameron talked about how our Higher Self usually can’t reside within us as it should but sits, in an orb right above our head. the very term Higher Self places it outside of us.

Excerpt from “Never Call Them Archons” by Cameron Day~ Ascension Help Blog

The restoration of your awareness that you are Divine is the primary reason exists.  The energy clearing tools are designed to allow you to gently dissolve the false layers of illusions that have been placed into your consciousness over many lifetimes so that you can re-discover your “Higher Self” which is actually your Inner Divine Self.  We start off each incarnation with our Divine Self fully seated within the heart center of our physical bodies, which is why children are so energetic and wonderful.  Then as authority figures, media, peers, the dark control grid, and the world at large convince a child that they are NOT divine, this inner divine energy leaves the body and sits above a person, waiting patiently to be reintegrated back into the heart center once again.  Because our divine energy is seemingly “above” us, it gets termed the Higher Self.

So from this point forward, whenever you hear “Higher Self” in any of the AscensionHelp recordings or anywhere else, please substitute “Inner Divine Self” and notice the subtle but powerful shift in your awareness that arises from this change.  Instead of seeing your Divine Self’s light above you, see it emanating from your heart center.  Instead of bringing an aspect of your divine nature into you, you are going to be expanding it from deep within you It may seem like a small thing, but this difference is very powerful, I assure you.


In this meditation, once you connect with your “Higher Self” you bring it in and expand it, residing it in your Heart Center, and much, much more.

I find it so magical, and synchronous that my blogging journey this week began with the Heart Chakra, Anahata, which lead me to check my chakras, then looking for a peaceful mind to clear and energize my chakras, to this an new deeper understanding of my/our divinity.

Bringing my Higher Self into its home, the Heart Center, and renaming and acknowledging that it is my Inner Divine Self, not higher than me, or outside of me. The very invoking power of the words, Inner Divine Self.

Thank you Cameron you have truly been an inspiration for me this week.

To all my friends and readers.

Peace & Love,




Odd title for what I want to talk about but maybe it will make sense and tie in. If you read my blog, or have read my About page, you will see that I am a mixed bag. I am no one discipline but all of them. I am a spiritual Jack of all Trades. My personal beliefs are all over the place. I am like a casserole, a little, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, New Age, meditations, paganism, prayer, Qigong, anyway, You get the point. Lately I have really been seeking that point of peace . I have been listening to all sorts of spiritual speakers, teacher and musicians. Deepak Chopra is among my favorites, but I haven’t downloaded them yet, they’re Forty dollars, but worth it.

So in my Reader, here at Word Press, I discover this website: Ascension Help Blog, the blogger is Cameron Day. The more I read, the more I liked and resonated with Cameron. I like his style and his techniques are Self Sovereign, and I am good with that.

His meditation to bring in the Higher Self and Galactic Core energies were just what I needed. There is also The Cosmic Flush. Just awesome stuff.  Last night after a hot lavender salt bath, I did the meditation. Wow, oh wow! I slept like a baby. I really like working (communing,) with my own higher aspects, and God Source. I linked Cameron Day’s blog above, and will link his meditations and radio link below.

I had a experience/transmission from the Galactic Core a while back I posted here. So I found the synchronicity interesting. I have had a lot of synchronicity with other blogger friends lately too. Shree, Karen, Leigh ,Fran, Renard, another Karen, and so many others. I am loving what we are creating in 2013.

A new blogger friend, what synchronicity. Kel I love it.

Ascension Help Blog

Higher Self Meditation~

The Cosmic Flush

AscensionHelp Radio

Much Love & Peace Friends~

Sindy Sue

Oh, Oh! After the meditation last night I checked the chakras and all were up and running. Yes!