Buddha’s Birthday Blue Butterflies Blogiversary



Happy Birthday Buddha

Happy 3 Blogiversary

Blue Butterlies and Me

Happy  Birthday om

I knew my blogiversary was in May but I did not realize it was on the auspicious occasion of Buddha’s Birthday, and Memorial Day. So it’s a Celebration! Three years, my 3rd Blogiversary! Cool! I have been so richly blessed knowing all of you, who have inspired me, informed me, entertained me, and give me lots of loving support. Blogging has been such a rewarding experience that I never suspected would enrich my life so very much.

I love you all~ Namaste~ Now to BBQ!

~Let’s Go Retro Challenge~


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It’s My Blogiversary!



I did not even realize it, and I see a notification from Word Press, that is my two year blogiversary. How exciting, I would have planned a party. It is also a good friend’s birthday on my blogiversary, she was practically my first blog buddies. I think that is just wild. I am just SO grateful to all of you, many of you having become real, and true friends beyond the blogosphere.

I have been extremely enriched by knowing you all worldwide. Each of you are the most beautiful unique being, and thanks to Word Press, and our community. I get to share your perceptions, dreams, philosophy’s, stories, fears, concepts, travels, ventures, causes, research, and your lives. That list doesn’t even scratch the tip of all you each bring to me.

This blog has been a real blessing in So, S0 many ways.

Thank you all for being my friends. May we all grow and expand in our New World. Continue to Create, bond and share.

I love you all!