Butterfly Journal

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Monthly Contemplations for Spiritual Metamorphosis

I have been given the great honor of reviewing The Butterfly Journal, a book written by my friend, and fellow Word Press blogger, Julianne Victoria. The book is based on metamorphosis, as the caterpillar transmutes in its cocoon to emerge as a dynamic and beautiful butterfly, so can the soul of the human. Alchemical magic occurs as the DNA of the caterpillar switches off and the DNA of the butterfly switches on. It also takes strength and effort for the butterfly to emerge from the cocoon, the same strength and effort it takes as humans to come out of the cocoon of sleep into the awakened transcendent light of full consciousness.

In The Butterfly Journal, Julianne takes the reader/writer step by step, assisting us through stages of emergence into our being, allowing us space on the pages to express the process. Can you imagine what a fascinating read it would be if the alchemical process was journaled by the fairy like insect? Well we are not insects, but we are magical creatures in the midst of a magical process of transformation and growth of spirit.

As I the take the journey of spiritual metamorphosis, I invite you to come along. Pick yourself up a copy at Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, and from time to time I will share some of my reflections, as I use the Butterfly Journal in my odyssey of expansion.

You can follow along with Julianne Victoria, the author as she shares her journal entries here.

Namaste my little Flutterbys ~ ƸӜƷ~