Channeled Message from
the Angelic Realms

~ Sophia ~

Greetings of light and illumination Dearest Ones! As I come to you in this moment, I share with you a message of connection and balance, an interpersonal experience that is kin to the moment you wake and find yourself staring into the eyes of your own soul, feeling as if you have woken from a slumber beyond the ages.I offer to you now, a deep diamond blue overlay, a sacred structure of protection and spiritual might. This energy forms the shape of a multi-leveled, 3-D diamond, with many triangular peaks and intersections. This geometric light is as fluid as it is solid, as flexible as it is sound, and anchored into the fabric of the universe that is to your understanding. This curving diamond is an offering of activation, a promise of union between the Ethers and the Earthly, between the Male and the Female, the Emotion and the Intellect, the Light and the Dark. This is a portal of sorts, an avenue of travel that you are able to access now, gliding along the many paths and channels of this indigo shade, beyond the scope of your preferred understanding. As you journey and discover that which you are only now beginning to FEEL and KNOW in conscious belief, this blue diamond coding will offer much peace of presence, healing on many levels, and hope when you are facing insurmountable odds.There has been such trembling in your hearts Dear Ones, so many of you waking to this new calling, this kind of ringing in your soul that jars you at your core and makes you feel as if the very skin across your side should peel away and reveal something new, and much more complete, deep within. The newness can feel raw, overwhelming, and often misunderstood by those you cherish and hold dear – but hold fast Dear Ones, as this newness is simply a remembering, and the more you embrace it, the more you explore the Light in all areas of your lives, the quicker and easier this new self shall be seen, felt and known not only in your own eyes, but across the globe.

The Light becomes stronger when you join it with others of similar Light – seek out those who uplift, encourage, and support you on all levels. As you do this, you create beams of light that radiate out into the entire universe, shifting and melting away all the heaviness and shadow that has been your understanding until now. What an amazing time to reveal, to become ONE with the ALL that you are…it is a joy to anticipate this resurrection of fullness, of the feminine in her power, like a Phoenix rising again…

Dear Ones, you are such power, such light…embrace the love around you, encourage it to grow, and nurture the seeds within that speak of love, kindness, and compassion. Allow only the voices in your mind that speak to you from your heart…joy, inspiration, laughter…take the time in the present, each moment, to delight in the fantastical musings of a world that continues to spin within a seemingly endless night, but is such a stage as to be lit by millions of stars….with love and gratitude and humble service, I am Sophia…Thank you…

Message transcribed by Jeanette St.Germain