Revisiting The Crystal City

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 Chakra Healing

Namaste friends~ Whoa Saturday was sorta yucky poo. lol Really it was just not a great day at work and I am just so used to all good days, for the most part. Therefore there was an opportunity for an intentional mood adjustment. My mood was dark this afternoon and I did not like it, so, I worked on it once home and in the garden, and I heard my Archangel friend Michael, say, “Smile Sindy, just smile,” so I did, a moment later I am fussing about the day in my head, and I hear, “Smile” again. Well now you can’t help but to smile then, right?

Hours later at dark thirty, I am in the garden again and I talk to Source, and then ask AAM a question, and he told me to recall Sananda and the Crystal City. Immediately I see it and he tells me to go there often in meditation and be aware when there in sleep. He says I need the emerald orb room (well shows me) for my heart chakra.  I looked for the post I wrote when I was first there as I was thinking I hadn’t described it very well, but actually I had. It is here, City of Light. Then I went to find images, as crazy as it may seem I know if I have seen it, so has someone who paints or drawls. The bottom image is closest. It is like a Lalique crystal sculpture but a city with tall towers in which the crystal orbs can be seen. There are nice cafes there, so meet me on the astral for a coffee, or tea.

Here is a great article at In5d, The Spiritual Meaning of Color,

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