I wanted to share this guys personal opinions based on his perceptions of what they call, The Mandela Effect, or Merging of Two Parallel Realities. We could just dismiss this out of hand, however such things are being discussed in Quantum Theory so why not? My blogging friend Cynthia Sue Larson, physicist, writes extensively on the topic. One article I recall she talked about this theory, at RealityShifters Blog, lots of good reading there, and her video here. Back to this guy I am going to share, he talks of this world being even slightly geographically different than he recalls. Ponder it like a story, there was some resonance in it for me, who is still reading lots of Quantum Theory articles. lol

The Mandela Effect, or Merging of Two Parallel Realities

By Carlos Tavares

Happy Saturday! I am going to Comicon tomorrow! Excited as a kid going to the State Fair.


(More than a word, a state of being)


Paintings by

Elizabeth Blaylock

Unified Field

Minstrel ~Katherine Ace

Ode to Katherine Ace, this painting Minstrel. I manifest this painting on my wall.

I have wanted to talk of the Unified Field, but not from a scientific level, I will leave that to my friend Cynthia Sue Larson, at Reality Shifters Blog. Cynthia’s blog is just brilliant, she has a BA degree in physics from UC Berkeley and is the author of several books. Read about Cynthia here.

That is one of the many synchronous happenings in the blogisphere, Cindy Sue, and Sindy Sue.  So many of these likenesses with blogging friends.

So I really just wanted to turn you all on to Reality Shifters and her awesome articles and post. Enjoy!


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