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Hey Happy Spring everyone. I am so very busy with school that I hardly have time to blog, but I cannot imagine ever abandoning it. In one more month I will complete my first year at ASU and I will be a senior, Yay! I can hopefully catch up with all my wonderful friends here then. I have had the opportunity recently to work with Special Ed students and oh what a joy they are to work with, however my passion is Language Arts, speaking of which Grammar is brutal, a little better than Algebra. We have been making stepping stones with cement and my garden is more enchanting than ever.

My good friend Dewin has developed a blog, Gallybloggers designed to assist the homeless with your poetry contributions, so please visit his blog and support his noble efforts.

I do not watch the news or television and visit Facebook rarely however I heard there was winds of war, so my peace loving heart invites you to join me in visions, prayers, and meditation for peace.

May everyone be happy.

May everyone be safe.

May everyone be well.

May everyone feel love.

May everyone be nourished.

May everyone be fulfilled.

May everyone be at peace.



Beyond Fear

sea monstrs Visual Alchemy

Visual Alchemy

Sea Monsters

Hello my Beloveds~  Day 6 of The Deva Primal & Miten 21 Day Mantra Challenge, the theme was, Beyond Fear.


Shante Prashante

Sarva Bhaya

Upasha Mani Swaha


Invoking the spirit of supreme peace,

I offer up the energy of fear to the universal formless mind.


Inner Tuning: I honour and welcome the energy of fear as a power that can inspire and guide me on my inner journey towards the Light. I welcome all so-called ‘negative emotions’ today. Rather than denying them, I embrace their power.


A thought expressed by Deva, was one she said she recalled once in a moment of great anger, she said in that moments she could recall the gurus and teachers saying, “ Embrace Fear, and the negative emotions, don’t fight it, don’t express it, don’t try to push it away.”

Now I am unusually one who adheres more toward Abraham’s concepts of searching for a higher vibrational emotion, and for the most part, this is what I am going to do. On my spiritual journey and in my time at Gnosis we were taught to destroy the ego, I am not really on-board with that thought but to learn to put our ego’s in their proper place. The ego is a valuable survival tool, and that is all it should be. I still have lots of work to do. But getting back to this concept expressed by my dear Deva, it is one I definitely am going to implement during my next episode with a negative emotion.

I am truly, truly blessed and in so much gratitude for all the opportunities, and various spiritual teachers that we all have such ease of access to from the internet, and in our communities. Once again I would recommend you avail yourself of these gifts. Here is the link to the Mantra Challenge.

Stay tuned for my next post in which I will share the magical meditation experience from last night.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my many spiritual teachers, and facilitators.


Namaste Teachers!!!

Which you all are as well, my teachers, and gurus.

Much love~



Blue Over Visual Alchemy Facebook

Visual Alchemy

Hello Beloveds~ Today is the first day in Deva Premal & Mitten’s 21 Day Mantra Meditation Challenge. It’s free and a real gift of love from these Earth Angels. Please avail your heart and spirit.

 Deva Premal Sampler New Album

OM Sahana Vavatu
Sahanau Bhunaktu
Saha Viryam Karavavahai
Tejasvi Navaditamastu
Ma Vidvishavahai
OM Shantih Shantih Shantihi
May we all be protected.
May we all be nourished.
May we work together with great energy.
May our studies be enlightening.
Let us not give rise to enmity.
OM, peace (within), peace (with each other), peace (universal).


❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

Register here.

Happy Earth Day

Visual Alchemy Glass Bead Game

Visual Alchemy


Happy Earth Day! I hope Mother Gaia feels some love.

I feel some love. Deva Premal & Mitten are bring us another 21 Day Meditation. I know I enjoyed the last one. It begins May 14, 2014. So if your interested go register, it is free.

The Spirit of Mantra

Actually in last Thursdays mediation group I was shown a pristine version of Earth and dropped into a beautiful pool by a waterfall. It was a lovely image.

❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀
. *✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸♥

Fractal Transition

Blue Room

Moola Mantra

 Stay tuned to my series  Mirrors.

Much love. Happy Martin Luther King Day.

He was a great man. 

❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀
•❤٠·˙✿ *Ḻ✿ṽ℮*✿٠·❤•
★ ° . . ¸. * ¸ . ●   . ☾ °☆  . * ● ¸ . ★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * .      .   °  . ● .   ° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .  ¸ .   °  ¸. * ● ¸ .    ° ☾ °  ¸. ● ¸ .  ★ ° :.  . • °   .  * :. . ¸ . ● ¸    ★  ★☾ °★ .     .  °☆  . ● ¸ .   ★ ° .  • ○ ° ★  .       * .  ☾ °  ¸. * ● ¸     ° ☾ °☆  . * ¸.   . ¸. * .¸. *
★ ° . .


Deva Premal & Miten

JE SUis AMour

Deva Primal & Miten

Hello all my friends! I love you all! Really I do. I just wanted to share about the Deva Premal & Miten concert last night. My friend cancelled, her Mom fell and hurt herself, so I understood. I thought of not going, as I am still tired from my trip, but my sister said, “You have been looking forward to that lady.” lol So I went. The Mesa Art Center, was really nice, and now that I know where it is, I can go again.

The opening act, was the GuruGanesha Band. They were pretty good and fun.

Then without any pomp or circumstance, the house lights were still up from intermission, Deva Premal & Miten came on stage. They are so genuine, humble and warm. Asides from loving the music, I really loved them. Everyone there was made to feel part of the concert. They tell everyone that applause is not necessary, just stay in the silence and feel the mantra in between.

A one point Miten ask that everyone move from the balcony down to the empty orchestra seats. Then he wanted everyone on stage with him, about 100 people probably went on stage. Not me, I was comfortable in the balcony , I just got a better balcony seat. It was a very intimate, spiritual experience. Glad I went.



Happy Birthday to Linda~

✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀