Golden Key & Me

Recently I recalled a dream. I was well rested, otherwise my dream recall has not been great the last 5 or 6 years. I fell asleep listening to talks about Edgar Casey and the Akashic Records, which is I believe where the dream sprang from, obviously. In the dream I was in a modern building and someone was giving me this large, heavy, and ornate gold key. I mean the key was six inches long and about 3/4 inch thick. However, it had a couple small embedded lights in the top part. They then took me to a building across the street, entering it was empty in the foyer and the guy took the key an opened the door, but I did not see how he did it. When we entered it was a golden vault, all you could see were walls in an octagonal shape with locked boxes (like at a post office) but golden. I felt like each wall was a front and would open to another place. Anyways we glanced around the room, the person was like “Well here it is and here is the key” I am not sure if that is what they said, but we then left and he gave me the key. In the dream I thought, I do not know how to use the key? What is that place? Why did they give me this key? lol Interesting dream but understandable considering what I was feeding my unconscious mind.


Peace & Love

In Retrospect


Happy New Year everyone! I do hope the end of the year and post Christmas week has been good to you. That rascally Mercury Retrograde has been a “bleep” . . .  Fun! Hey but so far I have survived, and I hope you have too. I have read 5 books since school got out, and done some cleaning. When my good friend Queen Suzi called me the other day and ask what I was doing, I answered, “Reading my dream journals from 2006” to which she said, “Good Mercury Retrograde activity” which it was. I kept a dream journal from 1997 to 2006. My life in Los Angels started to unravel around there as it morphed into the new. They were interesting, and detailed dreams. As I read them I recalled the dreams and I was surprised how well I had remembered some of them even sharing them with friends.

I also came across a letter from a friend who was kindly reprimanding me for bad behavior, boy that was hard to read but. . . I realized that it was something I still needed to work on. I have resolved to do so. The one drawer contained all this insight. It’s good to clean sometimes.

“Hello 2017. You’re new around here. It is nice to meet you.”

Magical Gifts

Blue Faye

In Memory of Prince


Every day there are magical gifts, and gifts of magic. Once in meditation I had a vision of having wings just like this.  I have been processing that coal, squeezing it, with pressure, not exactly what I had in mind for the alchemical process. With so much going on it seems sometimes like I am on the other side of the looking glass and everything is Topsy-Turvy. Not just in my personal life, but in the world I reflect. This is all good, yet new, and exciting.

I am totally hyped about my graduation, even though it is just from community college, it feels like an accomplishment. I am writing essays for scholarships, and applying for scholarships, so wish me luck. I am really honored as I have been nominated by the Education staff at my school for a MCC Academic Honors Award. Really? Yea! The ceremony is next Wednesday, and Graduation is May 13.



Fairy Friday

green_fairy_wp_by_pygarFairies MeadowFairy sleep

Celtic Music

I invite you to go into the image, go into your garden, listen to the beautiful music, and enter that place of magic. Create your fairy dust by breathing as a power plant. The 4 Point breath is a super generator. 1) Inhale through your nose, to say 6 to 8 counts, deep into the diaphragm, 2) hold the breath for the same 6 to 8 count, 3) release the breath from your mouth, to a 6 to 8 count. 4) NOW, hold the empty space for the 6 to 8 count, inhale through the nostrils at the same rate of 6 to 8 count, and repeat. You can tell when you have repeated the cycle enough times, start with 3, and see how it feels. It causes your cells to just vibrate. This is a breathing exercise so do as your health permits.

More on me later~~~ Go dream, breathe.

Magical Mystical Moonbeams all~

Healing love to Linda


litebeing chronicles

Dream Retrospective



Dreams seemed to be a reoccurring theme today, a new friend blogger, Amy and her blog The Dream Well    joined in the Let’s Go Retro Challenge,  and her post is below. That was first today, and then my friend mentions have met me in a dream, which reminds me of a prominent dream and it’s current manifestation in the waking world.

 I only recently started taking the freeway to work, (recall the recent speeding incident) well, I always take it home but never took it going. Okay a long preamble, or ramble, there is an express overpass for the carpool lane, on the freeway, and coming off it was when I got stopped. The express overpass is almost surreal as it heads into a lone blue sky. The first time I was on it, I was disoriented, or enchanted, but I din’t know why. It was probably the second or third time before the dream came to mind. A couple years ago when briefly living in Louisiana, and before I had any idea of moving to Arizona I had this dream.

In the dream I was on this sky highway that sloped in curves like a roller coaster in the sky. I remember feeling light and happy in the dream. It has been awhile so I only recall fragments of the dream out of sequence, the overpass is straight from the dream. In this dream I met Kieth Richards who was riding a chopper on a curvy desert road. I recall an amazing rock arch and another good friend, who just this last weekend was in the desert at an event. That is about all of the dream I can remember but I had other dreams of the desert at that time. That might have influenced my decision to move to Arizona. The collage in the third art piece really reminds me of the dream which was like a “Doors” song.

Thanks to all of you for contributing your incredible post in the Retro challenge. I created a Participation badge if you want for your blog in my tool bar ❤


~Let’s Go Retro Challenge~


 litebeing chronicles

Eyes Of Odysseus

Soul Fields

Fiesta Estrellas

Sophia’s Children

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Me, My Magnificent Self

Not Just Sassy on the Inside (II)

The Seeker’s Dungeon

Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

Through the Peacock’s Eyes

The Dream Well

Walking My Path

Sammi Cox

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 Art top & bottom

Laura Hollick

Good Stuff

In my last couple of leisure days, returning to school on the 25th, I have really gotten to catch up on the hundreds of blogs I follow, it ain’t easy folks. I have gotten to read and listen to some really good stuff. I have now listened to this old Gregg Braden video called The 7 Essene Mirrors, thrice….well I napped through the first time. He is sporting a nice 90’s mullet, and an outfit from Duran Duran. The women in the audience all have perms, but it is really good.

I had a dream during the nap, I was at a spiritual festival/workshop and were all sitting in semi circles on the ground on cushions, the guy on the slightly raised dias gave me a box. From my spot on the ground I looked down into the box and there were layers of paintings on canvas, and underneath each beautiful master painting was a blueprint. Later in the dream I saw a friend from LA and her 2 sons.  I think the meaning is clear….. Just recently in one of our Group Meditations we visited the Hall of Ascended Masters, and on this occasion there was a festival and many souls were there, some masters, and some not. The room was round and had thrones of crystal all around the top level, there were three levels and none much higher than the other. There were rugs and fabrics draped all over which made it warm, it was very Indian looking, and I was attracted to a group, in this group was Swami Vivekananda, Ravi Shankar, John Lennon, Gandhi, and the Goddess Lakshmi… John Lennon did most the talking and now I cannot recall the conversation. I should huh? I did. lol Often times when Jeanette channels during meditation, I hear every word, and then like a dream, I just forget, it slips from my mind. It was casual. When I see stuff like this (none of this was from Jeanette except entering the Hall) I am afraid that it is just going to disappear before my eyes, I am usually a bit in awe, and too stunned to ask questions. To clarify she did not mention or channel any of those people/deities.  But the other night she channeled Metatron, I heard every word and could not recall a word after. I digress…. my point is they were both festivals and had similar seating arrangements. lol

Oh gosh….this is already long and I had other cool stuff. After the dream I ran across this video on a friends blog. I have to find it and I will link it. The video was shared on Gift From the Heart.

The DNA of Abundance Harmonic Activation



Things To Come

Butterly Balloon



Just a quick Hiddy Ho boys and girls~ Stayed tuned for a few upcoming post:

A review of Julianne Victoria’s Butterfly Journal 

A sharing of my Past Life Regression session with Karen Kubicko.

I have a busy week with school, I am wrapping up my 2 half semester classes; Biology, final this week and American History, final today.

Oh my life is sure interesting, my dream world has clearly become a place to battle someone. Eek and yea! Not going to share the details here however, the walls have eyes.

Love yall!


✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀


Dream A Little Dream

Butterfly woman

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper “I love you”
Birds singing in the sycamore tree
Dream a little dream of me

Say “Night-ie night” and kiss me
Just hold me tight and tell me you’ll miss me
While I’m alone and blue as can be
Dream a little dream of me

Stars fading but I linger on, dear
Still craving your kiss
I’m longing to linger till dawn, dear
Just saying this

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of me

Lyrics by

Samantha Brown, Gregg W. Sutton, Brody & Bruce Bennett

✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

Inspired by Linda 

Higher Astral



Nicoletta Ceccoli


~ Whoa, just whoa. I have had a rather stressful week with waiting on my textbooks to come with impending test coming due. So they came late Thursday, I studied most of Friday, worked on Saturday and expected to easily finish the third chapter of Biology for my first test. This is a half a semester class so twice the work, and a test every week. So the third chapter was on Chemistry and DNA and stuff better left to you smart right brain folks. lol My head hurts but I did it and I think I did okay?

Anyway that is not the topic I wish to share but a prequel to it. So last night I didn’t study, I got to talk with a good blogger friend, took a nice bath, watched a movie, played with my new Angel Tarot cards and relaxed. Someone shared a meditation video in a Abraham Facebook Group, and I said, sure, why not, so I laid down to do it, it was however 1 AM, so…I feel asleep. Now I have not slept well at all since my emotional distressing incident. I have been gnashing my teeth in the astral. However not last night, I had the most amazing clear, lucid, symbolic and magical dream.

But this dream was different, It was in segments, but had an overall theme. The entire dream was in Astral Malibu. The first segment was in a huge indoor pool, there were lots of people there and all in the pool with their clothing on. There was a giant television screen up on the north wall of the high ceilings structure, there were windows up high and light pouring in. Then all the people are just floating lifelessly in the pool, I too am in the pool and go underwater and look at all the people floating lifelessly, I think, “Are they dead or just asleep?” I realize they are asleep, like in the kingdom of Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and that I should wake them up. I decide to get out of the pool and jump back in making a giant splash awakening all the sleeping people, they did not know what had awoken them but they were a bit annoyed.  I had been watching a movie on the screen while they were sleeping and someone changed it, so I changed it back.

Next segment I am with a bunch a people, we are still at this beach estate/ art/spiritual center. It was ran by two men, a gay couple, the older guy was a mystic, an artist and a philosopher. It was raining and he wanted to take a group picture, as he was also a photographer. He said, “Come, I want to show you something.”  Some of us got into his jeep on the beach, it was night and the sky was filled with stars. I was in the back and it was open, I looked into the sky and noticed that there was a cut out the encompassed us in every direction, above, below to the east and the west, in the shape of a hot air balloon and we were we being lifted up, as if you were to cut out a picture in that shape. I was filled with delight and understanding.

There was a bit more but those are the valid parts. I have a really good knowledge of dream symbolism and understanding of. I will listen to the meditation again now before sleep. It was a very vivid, and magical dream and I have been on a lower astral, so so excited to have moved beyond that and back into a higher, or different more awake realm.



Ship Of Dreams

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.”

I love to sail away at night on my ship of dreams, the literal dream as in sleep, and the ship of dreams that involves creating and manifesting our reality. My dream world has had a rather elevated state of the last couple of months.

Tonight I want to load this beautiful ship with all of our divine desires and wishes, then sail them to each one of us on a tranquil sea, with a gentle steady wind. Our ship will come in Divine Right Time and in Divine Right Order. All karma is washed away, we are fresh, clean and renewed. We are loved and loving, we are happy beyond measure.

This is my wish for us.

Peace & Love,