Climb Every Mountain



 Christina A. version

Finally I found an angle on this prompt for this week’s Dungeon Prompts, Overcoming Ourselves…..

It takes me the better part of two days to visit and read all the blogs I follow, which can only be done in the summer when I am not in school. But…..I love doing it, I am educated, informed and inspired by my World Press blogging friends…lol I know Word Press but it really is World Press.

I read Sreejit’s post, My Journey, which made so much sense, especially after reading his mother’s blog and having a discussion with her yesterday. After reading Sreejit’s journey I thought of my own but I am still reading and catching up on blogs. I came across a friends post “Enjoy Every Sandwich,” which is a post about cucumber sandwiches, not her usual fare, she write some deep, and thought proving post as well, but for some reason the play on words caused the song from The Sound of Music, Climb Every Mountain, to pop into my head, and even while I am typing this and listening to the nice OM video shared by Julianne Victoria, it is overlaid with Climb Every Mountain. No, I am not done yet with the preamble. Getting there, wait for it, wait for it….lol now I am just being silly.

So still reading blogs, and not done yet….I come to my friend Ken Sheetz blog post, The Robin Williams Visitations. I love that Ken just puts himself out there. I have had to really push on that one but if you read my blog you can see that I now, just do it. I believe Ken because it has happened to me too, not with Robin and not often, just a couple of times, most recently last year when my friend died, which you can read about here. But a celebrity appearance has been made and it was several years ago, and I worked with him for about a month. He had first visited my friend as she was working at Warner Brother’s Studio lot, as she told me what happened, he started talking to me too, and she and I worked on something for him. I will not go into it now but it was very real, perhaps another time? It got me thinking about my journey and overcoming myself.

I have not overcome today’s self but I have overcome yesterdays, and maybe last weeks, last months, last years……Maybe, and then again, maybe not. It is a moment by moment process.

I thought about my journey since working with that departed celebrity, and how what a literal journey it has been. Only a year or so later, after listening to a missive from my Higher Self, which instructed me to leave California by November 1, 2010, and the absolute courage it took to do that. I had lived there for 30 years; it was my life, my beloved apartment, and my friends. I didn’t really want to do it, but I felt that I must, so I took the steps, one at a time. Then I spent a couple of years back in Louisiana which I had escaped many years prior, it wasn’t for me, but I have lots of love and gratitude to my brother and sister in law Renee, for giving me a space to heal. You see I had completely broken down in LA, after my best friend died, and my finances were a shamble.  Thanks to my family I had a lot of peace and quiet time to recoup, also thanks to my family for pushing me out of the nest. So then my journey from Louisiana, west again to Arizona, this too took courage as I chose to make that trek alone driving. So many of you were there for me on that journey…thank you!

So I am still overcoming myself every day. I need to overcome myself right now, and go get my phone fixed. Ugh, I just don’t want to. Lol

Please do go and check out some of the links I have shared. If you are not already acquainted with these blogger buddies of mine, you might just like them? 😀

Thank you all for adding beautiful colors that I paint my perceptions with. I love you all~



The Healing Arts


This is Season 3, Week 2 of  Dungeon Prompts, the prompt, The Healing Arts. I love that these prompts make me think. lol I have no idea what to say. It is funny as I have studied so many healing modalities for the last 20 plus years, but I never considered myself a healer, nor did I practice, yet I always took the class, or workshop. I loved Qigong and I was even certified as a Medical Qigong Practitioner, yet never planned a practice. I enjoyed the shen generated from my chi cultivation. I never really understood why I studied the healing arts. I don’t think I actually believed that healing worked that way. Can a healer affect wellness on a sick human, animal, plant? Well I don’t know.

A friend of mine in LA, also a Qigong Practitioner was going to see Jon of God in Brazil, she wasn’t ill but interested in the healing most likely? I ask her to take my picture, I wasn’t ill either at least not physically. I was sitting at my desk and I felt a ball of energy enter my solar plexus, where it remained for at least 30 minutes. I had no doubt that was from that request for healing, and I was just curious. I never took the placebo pills she brought me from there and they bumped around making noise in my red hand painted Indian cabinet for years after. I am not joking, I threw them away when I moved. It was just interesting.

Now I have a different take on healing. What I do now is just facilitate intention and energy flow to clients, friends, and family, via Reiki, or Angel Light Healing. I am just a conduit of intention and energy flow. It just feels light, like sending love. I enjoy being a part of the flow. I also believe now that the more we remember our true nature, and our vast timelessness, the more we go quantum in our thinking, the greater opportunities we have to affect healing in our spirit, mind and body.

When I need to lift myself from an emotional funk, I listen to Abraham, I eat something flavorful, and I go into gratitude. Nothing makes you feel better than gratitude, in my opinion.

I know that my Healing Arts training will continue as there are several other systems I plan to be initiated into….so it goes~

Namaste and much love


 PS: I recommend a Reiki Bear, mine is swell~

Concepts Of God


Dungeon Prompts has put forth a very interesting prompt, Concepts of God; what are yours? This is such a subjective topic but thoughts we all have pondered even if the concept is; that there is no God. For me I believe in a source of creation, so I call God, Source. I have issues with the concepts I was brought up to believe in a God with a capital “G” being some judgmental deity, the proverbial grey bearded man on a throne. Recently on a couple days ago I had this discussion with a friend on the phone, and about a week ago another blogger wanted me to explain my concept, and under questioning, I refused to do so, instead I was vague. I was vague because I have no concrete answer, I know what I believe for now, but it is just an opinion. Beliefs to me are personal, and for me they are mutable. My beliefs can change. Some people think that is just horrible that you are not firm in your beliefs, but I am not. So far in the last 30 years my belief that “God” exist, persist……especially after studying Biology. But, ” Is there a Prime Creator?” is merely speculative in my opinion.

The best explanation for me came from my studies of the Kabbalah, and it explained God, and Creation of matter. Here is a great explanation, by Lee Bladon on his website Esoteric Science;


The Creation of the Universe

A full-grown universe didn’t just suddenly manifest – such a complex structure needed to be carefully designed and constructed step by step. But before we delve into the process of creation I need to clarify some of the terminology used and provide you with some important background information.

Positive and Negative Existence

The universe can be described as “positive existence” (or just simply “existence”) and anything outside of the universe (i.e. the metaverse) can be described as “negative existence” (which is not the same as non-existence). Negative existence does not mean something doesn’t exist; it means it exists beyond space and time in a “reality” that we cannot even begin to comprehend.

The Infinite

The Infinite is the metaverse; the passive Creator; the Ain Soph of Kabbalah; the Parabrahman of Hinduism; the sum total of positive and negative existence. The Infinite is the ultimate GOD of Gods, but he is a passive God that supplies and maintains the primordial matter and energy of the metaverse that his “children” need to build their own universes. Everything that exists (and also everything that does not exist) is sustained by the endless power of the Infinite. The Infinite is the father of everything and also the mother of everything. When the two aspects of energy (father) and matter (mother) combine an infinite number of primordial atoms or monads (sons) are born into existence. The monads are initially unconscious but they have the potential to become Absolutes (fully realised and liberated Gods of their own universes).

The word “infinite” is usually understood to mean “endless”, but it actually has two aspects – it is without beginning and without end. So questions like “where did it come from?”, “what existed before it?” and “will it ever end?” are meaningless. The Infinite has always been and always will be. The infinite encompasses everything, so nothing can be outside of it. The Kabbalistic term “Ain” is usually understood to mean “nothing” in the sense of an empty void beyond the Infinite (Ain Soph), but that is impossible since nothing can “exist” beyond infinity. So perhaps it is best to describe Ain as “not even nothing”, or to forget about it completely because it is impossible.

The Absolute

The Absolute is the creator of the universe, the Ain Soph Aur (limitless light) of Kabbalah, The Brahman of Hinduism. “Absolute” (from the Latin Absolutum) means freed or liberated. The Absolute is a perfected monad that has liberated itself from the illusion of the universe it “grew up” in and has become the unmanifest God of his own Universe. It therefore spans negative existence and positive existence. The Absolute can focus his attention inwards on the universe, or outwards into the metaverse.

Like everything else in existence, the Absolute has three aspects:

The Energy aspect directs the primordial energy (of the Infinite) to power the universe and all creation.

The Consciousness aspect is the universal mind that unites all creation within a single collective consciousness. The universe was conceived by the universal mind, it is sustained by meditative focus, and would dissolve back into negative existence if this concentration ceased.

The Matter aspect is the 49-atoms, the virgin matter (the celestial Virgin Mary) from which the various planes are built. Matter is the cosmic womb in which evolving monads develop their consciousness.

Zero-Point Energy

Zero point energy is the infinite energy that originates from beyond the universe. It is the energy that the Absolute uses to bring 49-atoms into positive existence from the negatively existing primordial matter. Tiny vortices are formed in the dense, homogenous and fluid primordial matter. The vortices flip inside-out creating spinning bubbles of emptiness. Each of these bubbles of negative-existence corresponds to a 49-atom in positive existence. The 49-atoms are packets of energy (quanta) that distribute zero point energy throughout all the planes of the universe. Plato called zero point energy “dynamis”, and in the East it is called “fohat”.

A Brief Outline of Creation

The Absolute utilises zero point energy to bring negatively existing primordial matter into positive existence.

The Absolute conceives the universe in his mind and the subtle matter instantly responds to his creative thoughts.

Hierarchies of advanced monads create galaxies, stars, planets and life-forms in much the same way.


Less-developed monads use these worlds and life-forms as training grounds to gain experience and develop their consciousness.

Full Article


So you see my understanding of “God” or as I call it “Source” is too lengthy and difficult to explain in any simple way. It is simple in my mind as I created a visual when the creation story of the Kabbalah was told to me but explaining it is another thing. I also believe in demi-gods and beings that called themselves gods in ancient history that were not gods all but beings of high technology messing with primitives. Again this is theoretical and subjective.

My teacher told us that this Ain aka “God,” was omnipotent and omnipresent, yet profoundly unknown to itself, so it desired to define itself, or experience itself, so it had to fragment itself into tiny, tiny bits by stretching itself out like a glassblower does with molten glass, and put them into vessels. At first the vessels exploded because they couldn’t contain it, so it did it again putting yet a smaller amount. Now that is just Sindy speak because this all had names and terms and the best I could do is share Lee Bladon’s explanations. I am not a pure Kabbalist, but that was the most palatable explanation of God and existence that in my many years have heard or read.

I also hold that other concepts have validity, as in there could be no Prime Creator, or that existence is a matrix. But ones belief and concept of “God” are personal and unique.

Sorry it’s so long and largely not even my writing but it was the only way.




Blk & Wht


Lunacy, I mean this literally.

  1. 1.
    the state of being a lunatic; insanity (not in technical use).
    “it has been suggested that originality demands a degree of lunacy”
    I have said it before, and I will say it again, full moons make me nuts!
    Mercury going retrograde is not helping either. It is a good time for me to work on patience.
    Here’s my post from Dungeon Prompts.
    Send me good vibes today, I can use all the positive vibes I can get, going to work with the public today.


Butterfly B&W reflections


Oh how happy I am! I am done with Biology! I think I even ended up with an A, how, I write good research papers. lol Oh it was so stressful and time consuming. Also done with American history. Now this doesn’t mean I still don’t have pressure because now I have to prepare for switching schools, registering for school and studying and preparing for college Algebra. Eeek!  Today I should be reading The Great Gatsby, for my English 102 Research paper, but I am going to take a nap, after I watch America’s Next Top Model, that I have missed because they switched days. What’s up with that?

Has anyone seen, America Horror Story, Coven? Dang that was intense, and dark. Maybe I am not supposed to enjoy dark, macabre things but sometimes I do. I have never, never watched horror, or slasher movies, and usually skip anything too dark. I don’t want dark things in my consciousness, but I can’t resist witches, vampires and ghost. Hehe…

I would like to thank all of the new follows, which came to me from Julianne Victoria’s, blog. Through Peacock’s Eyes, what a great experience that was. Y’all made my week.

Also I really enjoyed participating in Dungeon Prompt’s~Guilt this week. I posted the poem on my blog, Writing Works In Progress. Check it out. I am working on the next prompt, but it isn’t finished yet.

Also the Angel Card readings will get done now that 2 classes are done. If I don’t have your emails, get them to me.

The rest of October may be a bit dark. Stay tuned.