Snowflakes photographed under a Scanning Electron Microscope

Snowflakes photographed under a Scanning Electron Microscope.


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Final Draft for my research paper on The Great Gatsby done. This paper is so….not what it could have been. I never received by book from Amazon I needed, so I just did it. Looking at my Transcript last night I saw that I have been on The Dean’s list for the last three semesters. That was sort of a confidence booster but we shall see once I get to the university, and not community college. 😉

My angel cards have been pretty accurate. I kept seeing a change in employment, I was just like yeah, yeah…anyways my boss offered me a promotion. That was cool. I did receive my “Love and Math” book. Pretty interesting writing. I will probably share about that soon. Plus I never recreated my lost post on Gatsby. Oh well, I may have to let that go.

It’s pretty chilly here in the Valley of the Sun, so I know it must be cold for many of you. Burrrrrrrr…Stay warm. I love the cold. Put my Christmas Tree up already and really enjoying it.

Still watching ISON and find it fascinating and deep.

Remembering Nelson Mandela~



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