Cosmic Expansion & Bliss

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Wow just had to do the triptych again. The center mandala is, Visual Alchemy’s, I AM That I AM.

 There is a connectedness, and a ONENESS that is just phenomenal, and unprecedented. This post has a lot of Tags, as it covers the Oneness, and my perception in it. I see this is happening for many.

 I still have to catch up on last weeks hundred or so blog post, but I will. Yesterday I awoke in time to visit my Unity Community Church, (which I do for more social reasons) but just didn’t feel like getting all dolled up. So I blogged and watched movies. The Family Channel had a Disney weekend, so I had been watching it, then I decided to watch one of my favorite movies on dvd, The Namesake. I might have mentioned before how movies about India, or the Indian culture have always just made me cry. I cry with a connectedness and longing. I have worked with my friend Karen Kubicko on exploring this past life, but yesterday it was sooooooooo intense. While watching it I cried so hard I could hardly catch my breath. It was mournful, it was blissful, it was releasing and yet connecting. Then yesterday afternoon I run across the Paul Horn at The Taj Mahal (still playing, by the way) I even posted it with a picture of Krishna from a good Facebook friend, and none of this in realization of Krishna Janmashtami, (Krishna’s Birthday.) You see I am very acquainted with Hinduism but I have never immersed myself into any one religion or belief. I do love it though. This might also explain some of the festival dreams and visions that I have been having.

The veils are just falling, they are falling everywhere for everyone. On Thursday I posted Parallel Perceptions, on Lujan Matus, and The Cosmic Giggle. Unbeknownst to me, my blogger friend Shamanic Tracking was in Germany at his workshop, the next day on Friday when she returns, she post this, “Do you believe in magic?” We were both sort of amazed at the synchronicity. I mean really, I had no idea. This is how we are all so in the Oneness. Us blog sisters, and brothers have noticed these synchronicities for some time now, but they are just getting bigger, and more remarkable. I feel such joy, bliss, and I guess awakening, and its not like I started this journey yesterday. Again, it is not just me, I know many of you feel it too, and are experiencing it.

This morning I discover this post by a new blogger friend, Mayine Tree Wisdom, (just yesterday!) This is how I finally figured out it was Krishna Janmashtami. From there post, Connect With Sri Krishna Through Your Vishuddhi.I might have figured it out yesterday when my very Hindu Spirited friend, Jai Chaitanya Das, gave me this blessing:

May Lord Krishna steal all your tensions and worries on this Janmashtami!

And give you all the love, peace, and happiness!

Happy Krishna Janmashtami!

lol I didn’t know what it was, but liked the blessing. However I was experiencing the bliss and release, and I didn’t even know. So very cool.


So Much Love


Gratitude to You All


Quantum Choices

storm~Katherine Ace

Storm by Katherine Ace

“Universal forces are arranging circumstances and events on your behalf, for coordinated meetings, again and again and again. But you don’t show up because you don’t feel worthy. Your work is not to make it happen. Your work is to let it happen. And you let it happen by possibility thinking, not negative thinking, by hopeful thinking, not by doubtful thinking, by believing it will come, rather than doubting it will come, by talking yourself into feeling good, by not listening to the people who don’t have what they want, but by listening to the people who do have what they want.


Abraham~ via Ester Hicks

✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

As I recently wrote on choosing your feelings in The Pink Shirt, I have delved more into the teachings of Abraham, via Ester Hicks. Now I used to think all The Law of Attraction stuff was fluffy metaphysical fare for newbies. Yes, I was being spiritually arrogant. However choosing to pick that pink shirt isn’t always as easy as all that. So I looked for a method to assist and Abraham has helped a lot! I am better understanding the mechanics of the process.

There was one video segment that contained a very helpful concept, change the disk your running. Chose and manage your thoughts. I was so sad and depressed that I had to (for me) change the subject and think of something else. Find something to think about that elicited happiness. Your emotions are the barometer of your thoughts and your thoughts are creating your manifest reality.

None of these concepts are new to me, yet through my journey I get to peel that onion and get to comprehend things in a knowing way. This process of transforming is great. Again still a work in progress but I do really feel I am learning to be a quantum adjuster of my reality. I will keep you informed of my process.

Much love,


This is a good one but not the one I referenced…

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