Magical Melodies

Hello friends. The weather has been so lovely this weekend, and I had such a magical day, that I kept getting distracted with the parrots  still visiting and a gentle sun. I have a new phone, a generous gift from a dear friend. A lady that is always helping others. My student teaching is going well. I really love it there, and my students, and teacher. Now three months to graduation. I am so excited I am almost doing the Snoopy Dance, but I know I will cry on my last day with these kids. But I am still excited.

Oh and guess what? I read my poetry at a poetry slam for ASU, and Eddy accompanied me  on guitar. I was kind of surprised I did that. The most fun was mentoring the young poets.

Here is my Magical Melodies Playlist. Sorry but the music is not available on YouTube. Two Beatles and two ELO.

Magical Mystery Tour

Strange Magic

Strawberry Fields Forever

All Over the World

I miss you all and I hope my post finds you in a happy light .


Visual Alchemy Cover

Om Shanti Om

Happy International Day of Peace~ Shanti, shanti, shanti~

A prize has somewhat inspired a contest, Without giving away what the “Prize” is, I well tell you a bit about it, and how you get it. lol Firstly the “Prize” is a quintessential symbol of my blog. Secondly I thought it should go to one of you. Thirdly I decided it will go to this years Top Commentor, which will be determined when we get our Year end stat report. However I went to see what the current standings are….. They are as follows:

  1. Mary~Walking My Path (64)
  2. Sue~Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary (60)
  3. om~Eyes of Odysseus (53)
  4. Sammi~Sammi Cox Writer (45)
  5. Linda~litebeing chronicles (36)
  6. Ka~Fiesta Estrella (29)

So Ms. Mary shipping to New Mexico will be quick and easy, keep up the good work. lol I am joking with yall but not about the prize. I appreciate all my friends here, true friendship, love and support.

Free hugs for all~


Visual Alchemy

Homeward Bound

angel sculpture


Leaving the City of Angeles and heading home soon, so if I can ask for your prayers and good intentions for safe travel? That will be awesome. I like it when my Word Press peeps got my back. Much love and I will let everyone know when I get safely home. Taking the night train across the desert.



Uno Mas



Hola amigos! Sólo un día de los Muertos y Los Angeles viaje actualización.

Hello Friends! Just a day of the Dead and Los Angeles trip update.

I have has such a wonderful time and experience visiting my home, Los Angeles, and seeing all my friends. Wow, it has just been so awesome in every way. I have been doing soul retrieval, left and right. Meaning when near locations that have a meaning to me, which are many….. I take a deep inhale of all myself in the memory or place, breath it in to reclaim any errant soul fragments. I then keep the positive and send the negative out to the angels to be cleansed and put back into the universe. I did this at Christmas time before I left Louisiana to move to Arizona. My sister and I drove around our hometown and did the same process.

I did leave exactly 3 years ago from California on Halloween day 2010. So is it a coincidence, no. I did book the trip, but I was just thinking for my birthday, which was Wednesday. Anyway all that aside, it has been so wonderful seeing all my friends. God I just forgot how nice it was to be surrounded by friends.

I am pretty darn tired though. I have been to lunch and dinner every day since Monday. I saw everyone I could. Staying with my amazing and beautiful best friend.

Last night we performed some scary Halloween theater while disbursing candy. I was a witch, and obviously inspired by the season, because I just looked normal but acted the part, and scared the poop out of some children. We and their parents were laughing so hard. My friend and her boyfriend and his friend, so much fun. Pamella was an insane mental patient that thought she was a doctor. I was a very convincing witch and I would follow them a block down the street and really freak them out, then hide behind a tree. So funny!

Today a friend gave me a hundred dollar bill for my birthday, I tried to give it back but she said no. My other friend bought me a vegan Thai food lunch, I had Thai iced tea, been craving that. The whole week has been like that. So blessed!

I also wanted to mention the art, I don’t know who did this but I will find out. There is an entire art genre around this holiday that I have always loved. It is a celebration.

Sindy & Pamella

Me & Pamella
My bestest friend forever!

This picture is my favorite gift.

Pamella D’Pella

Peace and So much love.



Friends & Gratitude

nep_picnic_papaya Katherine Ace

Painting is yes, it is Katherine Ace, Neptune’s Picnic.

My dear friend Linda of Litebeing Chronicles has been waiting for me to answer these questions from an award she nominate me for awhile back, the Tag Award, which I was also nominated for by Lily Wight.

I owe Linda the answers to these questions.

1- What is your favorite cartoon character?

Stuie Griffin

2- Do you speak any languages other than your native language?

Nope, some Spanish

3- What dishes would be served for your favorite meal?

Smoked Salmon Benedict

4- Why did you start blogging?

No reason, I was just playing.

5- Beatles or Rolling Stones?

I just refuse to choose between them.

6- What is your dream travel destination?

The Mediterranean

7- Do you prefer writing or typing?

Typing but do both.

8- How has Word Press changed your life?

In so many positive ways, especially all the fantastic people I have met.

9- Can you whistle?

I cannot.

10-If you could choose an alter-ego, who would you become?

Samantha from Bewitched

11- Do you prefer life before or after the invention of cellphones?

After, I do not have it glued to my hand but they are incredibly convenient.

Also thanks to Linda for be so sweet as to honor me with Always Here if You Need Me award. This one I humbly and happily accept because of the sentiment. I really do not do the award thing, it is just too time consuming, however I am always so flattered and honored to be thought of by the awesome bloggers here at Word Press.

. (¯*•๑۩۞۩:iN₣iNiŦ€ BL€§§iNG§:۩۞۩๑•*¯●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●