Uno Mas



Hola amigos! Sólo un día de los Muertos y Los Angeles viaje actualización.

Hello Friends! Just a day of the Dead and Los Angeles trip update.

I have has such a wonderful time and experience visiting my home, Los Angeles, and seeing all my friends. Wow, it has just been so awesome in every way. I have been doing soul retrieval, left and right. Meaning when near locations that have a meaning to me, which are many….. I take a deep inhale of all myself in the memory or place, breath it in to reclaim any errant soul fragments. I then keep the positive and send the negative out to the angels to be cleansed and put back into the universe. I did this at Christmas time before I left Louisiana to move to Arizona. My sister and I drove around our hometown and did the same process.

I did leave exactly 3 years ago from California on Halloween day 2010. So is it a coincidence, no. I did book the trip, but I was just thinking for my birthday, which was Wednesday. Anyway all that aside, it has been so wonderful seeing all my friends. God I just forgot how nice it was to be surrounded by friends.

I am pretty darn tired though. I have been to lunch and dinner every day since Monday. I saw everyone I could. Staying with my amazing and beautiful best friend.

Last night we performed some scary Halloween theater while disbursing candy. I was a witch, and obviously inspired by the season, because I just looked normal but acted the part, and scared the poop out of some children. We and their parents were laughing so hard. My friend and her boyfriend and his friend, so much fun. Pamella was an insane mental patient that thought she was a doctor. I was a very convincing witch and I would follow them a block down the street and really freak them out, then hide behind a tree. So funny!

Today a friend gave me a hundred dollar bill for my birthday, I tried to give it back but she said no. My other friend bought me a vegan Thai food lunch, I had Thai iced tea, been craving that. The whole week has been like that. So blessed!

I also wanted to mention the art, I don’t know who did this but I will find out. There is an entire art genre around this holiday that I have always loved. It is a celebration.

Sindy & Pamella

Me & Pamella
My bestest friend forever!

This picture is my favorite gift.

Pamella D’Pella

Peace and So much love.



Favorite Things

venus-revealed-pt3~Katherine Ace

Venus Revealed Part 3

Katherine Ace


I was reminded on some of my favorite things~

Purple, Indigo & lavender hydrangeas

Birds playing in my back yard

Being bathed as a child by Mom


Chocolate ice cream

Sacred connected intimacy

Creating art

The Smurf Theme song

Riding a Bicycle

Chocolate Cake


and entertaining blogs:

It was a new Follower, Glorialana’s Blog, that reminded me of a very happy memory, my first Barbie. Her last two post just brought me such happy memories; Dior Doll Lesson & Saint Barbie.  I am so happy to have discovered this delightful blog, I believe she came to me from Professor Ik.

I also want to include some other blogs, I read and follow, many friends~

Lily Wight, Kira’s Closet, Arrow in Flight, Renard Moreau Presents,  Cupcakes and Angels, Not Just sassy on the Inside, Pisces, Endless Light and Love, RealityShifters Blog, The Ptero Card, Bloomlisa, Karen Kubiko, and so, so many others…..later

In the meanwhile I think I’ll dance~