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Visual Alchemy

Namaste friends~ I am still super busy. Send me some really smart brain math cells please. lol It’s been a challenge and it looks like it will continue to be one until I graduate with this minor associates degree before transferring to the university. So you will be hearing about it from me for some time to come. The day you read, I love math, will be a very good day indeed. Now let me get to the good stuff. I did take the evening to attend my meditation group with my sister, (I love that she goes with me.)

Another really incredible experience. I see so much when I am there, I can only share a bit at one time. We always begin with the archangel visitations, and they are always there very strongly…Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Zadkiel, as well as the others. Maybe I see them clearly because I am closely associated with that realm, or in other words, I am familiar with them. Gabriel had on a light blue robe and he knelt beside me (I lay on the floor) and he stuck a white feather in my ear, it actually tickled my eardrum. I do have some hearing damage from working in loud discotheques back in the day. I saw Raphael tuning my chakras , with his left hand it was as if he were turning invisible controls, and with his left hand he was waving his hand in a horizontal motion, like a wave. Hard to describe but it was very interesting, it reminded me of Star Trek, more scifi that angelic. I thought it was cool.

We also went into the Akashic Records but for now I am going to skip ahead. We were on a golden ship with vibrant energetic sails (this was described by the facilitator Jeanette) The ship was on a deep azure sea, and ahead of us was a purple vortex which we were invited to leave the ship and fly into, or we could remain on the vessel with our guides. I wanted to go into the vortex but I doubted the ability to fly there, an angel (in white, I don’t think it was an archangel) took my hand and like Peter Pan and Wendy flew me into the vortex. I really do not recall now what occurred there. I didn’t realize this before now as I am sitting to write this. Oh! I do remember them telling me that we are so special to them, that like on Star Trek we were the Away Team, brave and awesome coming into this Earth 3D existence, and they want to help empower us by removing the amnesia of who we truly are.

So rather you entertain these other dimensional realities or not, I do. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. So we shall see. There is so much more but that will do for now. It is late and I have a long weekend of work and homework ahead of me. As much as I love school, I am anxious for summer. Wait did I say that? I am anxious for an unusually cool summer in Phoenix. Yeah that’s the ticket.

Listen to an interview with Patricia Cota Robles. A good listen. Enjoy if your so inclined.

Much love peeps~