Magical Melodies

Hello friends. The weather has been so lovely this weekend, and I had such a magical day, that I kept getting distracted with the parrots  still visiting and a gentle sun. I have a new phone, a generous gift from a dear friend. A lady that is always helping others. My student teaching is going well. I really love it there, and my students, and teacher. Now three months to graduation. I am so excited I am almost doing the Snoopy Dance, but I know I will cry on my last day with these kids. But I am still excited.

Oh and guess what? I read my poetry at a poetry slam for ASU, and Eddy accompanied me  on guitar. I was kind of surprised I did that. The most fun was mentoring the young poets.

Here is my Magical Melodies Playlist. Sorry but the music is not available on YouTube. Two Beatles and two ELO.

Magical Mystery Tour

Strange Magic

Strawberry Fields Forever

All Over the World

I miss you all and I hope my post finds you in a happy light .


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Love and Happiness

The Secret To Happiness Is Ten Specific Behaviors

By: Benjamin Hardy

Happiness is the purpose of life. Despite this, only one in three Americans say they’re very happy.

Several years ago in an interview with Conan O’Brien, Louis C. K. tells of flying on a newly equipped Wi-Fi airplane. He was amazed by the new technology. Until, during the flight, the Wi-Fi went down. Immediately, the man next to him became extremely upset. “As though the world owes this man something he only knew existed 10 seconds ago.”

Louis C. K. continues by describing people’s absurd frustrations with flying in general. People complain about it all the time “It was the worst day of my life! It took 20 minutes to board! We had to sit on the runway for 40 minutes!”

We hear complaints like these all the time. As if we’ve forgotten how incredible it is that humans can fly at all.

How are we so quick to take for granted the remarkable things going on in life?

Why is it so easy to complain?

Why do we focus on the negative?

Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

However, happiness can easily be achieved even without the brilliant advances in the world.

Rather than being reactive to what’s going on around us, happy people take control of their lives and emotions. If you are unhappy with your life, who or what else can you blame than yourself? And if you can blame someone or something else, how is blame going to make your life any better?

Bad stuff happens to everyone. But life isn’t about what happens to you. It’s about how you proactively respond.

The following 10 behaviors, if applied, will change your life. Let me be clear, if you do these things, you will be an incredibly happy person.

Let Go Of The Need For Specific Outcomes

Not everything in life goes exactly how we plan. There are setbacks. Stuff happens. We mess up. Over-obsessing and basing happiness on specific outcomes leads to misery. My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost three years. It’s been tough. We’ve had to learn to be happy, rain or shine.

Jeremy Piven, the famous actor, was recently interviewed by Success Magazine. During the interview, he mentioned that, as an actor, the only way to work is to go out and audition for specific roles.

The challenge most actors/actresses face is that they get in their own way. It doesn’t matter how much homework they’ve done. If they’re too tied to a specific result, they can’t be present in the moment. They can’t truly perform their art. They come off as desperate. They get in their own way. Their performance isn’t what it could have been.

Jeremy said that when he quit worrying about a specific result, he was able to be present during his auditions. He was able to be completely who he wanted to be. He wasn’t trying to be what he thought others wanted him to be. He performed his art.

If he didn’t get the gig, either they didn’t get it or it just wasn’t the right fit. So he moves on to the next. In this way, he’s able to get the jobs he’s supposed to have. He’s not just trying to get anything he can get.

Define Your Own Success And Happiness

“Be everything to everybody and you’ll be nothing for yourself.”—John Rushton

No two human beings are the same. So why should we have one standard of success? Seeking society’s standard of success is an endless rat-race. There will always be someone better than you. You’ll never have the time to do everything.

Instead, you recognize that every decision has opportunity cost. When you choose one thing, you simultaneously don’t choose several others. And that’s okay. Actually, it’s beautiful because we get to choose our ultimate ideal. We must define success, wealth, and happiness in our own terms because if we don’t, society will for us—and we will always fall short. We’ll always be left wanting. We’ll always be stuck comparing ourselves and competing with other people. Our lives will be an endless race for the next best thing. We’ll never experience contentment.

Commit 100 Percent To The Things That Make You Happy

“Many of us have convinced ourselves that we are able to break our own personal rules “just this once.” In our minds, we can justify these small choices. None of those things, when they first happen, feels like a life-changing decision. The marginal costs are almost always low. But each of those decisions can roll up into a much bigger picture, turning you into the kind of person you never wanted to be.”—Clayton Christensen



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Favorite Things

venus-revealed-pt3~Katherine Ace

Venus Revealed Part 3

Katherine Ace


I was reminded on some of my favorite things~

Purple, Indigo & lavender hydrangeas

Birds playing in my back yard

Being bathed as a child by Mom


Chocolate ice cream

Sacred connected intimacy

Creating art

The Smurf Theme song

Riding a Bicycle

Chocolate Cake


and entertaining blogs:

It was a new Follower, Glorialana’s Blog, that reminded me of a very happy memory, my first Barbie. Her last two post just brought me such happy memories; Dior Doll Lesson & Saint Barbie.  I am so happy to have discovered this delightful blog, I believe she came to me from Professor Ik.

I also want to include some other blogs, I read and follow, many friends~

Lily Wight, Kira’s Closet, Arrow in Flight, Renard Moreau Presents,  Cupcakes and Angels, Not Just sassy on the Inside, Pisces, Endless Light and Love, RealityShifters Blog, The Ptero Card, Bloomlisa, Karen Kubiko, and so, so many others…..later

In the meanwhile I think I’ll dance~





windowbox~Katherince Ace

 Window Box By Katherine Ace

There are three steps to The Law of Attraction as shared by Abraham through Ester and Jerry Hicks:

Ask and It is Given, Chapter 10, The Three Steps to Whatever You Want to Be, Do, or Have

  • Step 1 (your work): You ask.
  • Step 2 (not your work): The answer is given.
  • Step 3 (your work): The answer, which has been given, must be received or allowed (you have to let it in.

Steps 1 and 3, (our work) are both a different and not a mechanical way of being for me. They both take considerable conscious diligence. I took a break from registering for classes to share these thoughts. Step 1, the asking is much deeper, you have to know and feel how you want to feel, you have to replace thoughts that do not make you happy with thoughts that do. That takes conscious awareness in the moment! We tend to want to fall back into thinking old mechanical false premises, ingrained from residue of growing up…and so on. You then have to remember and choose to feel happy. I suggest really finding those sun on your face, wind in the hair moments and really cultivating the bliss. Lol Or any other memory with a powerfully charged happy emotion attached.

My friend Linda, of Litebeing Chronicles, recently blogged, Poetry-feelings are among my “favorite things”   It was a deep and moving blog and I wanted to comment but couldn’t put my thoughts and feelings into words.

In acting that method is called Sense Memory. I used to study acting in Hollywood when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. Samantha Harper taught this method by Joan Darling. Jon Voight was in a class I was in once, sitting right beside me, it was surreal.  Anyway I always knew, even then that that technique had different applications beyond acting and could be applied in a spiritual manner. This makes good actors but is not something I ever wanted to do, I did not want to pretend anything with a negative emotional charge, and I didn’t even know all this Law of attraction business. Lol

In the technique you recall and emotion and through breathing and vocalizing you locate its memory in a muscle. Once you do that the emotion is released and you are able to summon it. Crazy stuff huh??? This was 30 years ago, before I even began my odyssey of the spiritual journey.

So this is getting long. Step 3 Allowance, this is big. You can hear it but getting it??? It takes effort. Release and allow. Allow others to be in their own vibratory resonance, and you and I  will maintain ours, choose ours, second by second, moment by moment, staying in awareness and not allowing mechanical old programs to run our thinking.

Then there is the Allowing of Source, the Vortex or Being, to fill in the details. Trust and allow the universe to fill in the details.

It’s cool. I can’t wait to see the outward manifestation of the process. Already I am just proud of myself for staying out of that sadness and choosing happiness but ultimately my vortex is going to paint me a masterpiece, with all the colors of a Monet Garden.

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