World Turning


Happy New Year!


Happy New Decade!

World Turning

What will we create? Have we developed a broadened concept of co-creating our existence? Are we even real? Many a question I have pondered in this remarkable last year. My current beliefs are definitely mutable and in flux. I have always been open to changing, or expanding what I believe. However, I can become extremely dogmatic and passionate about a belief. Now, however, no matter what my current belief about existence, I am open and not at all dug in.

Portals have been of interest in so many ways. I taught my students Through the Looking Glass last quarter and in an endeavor to get them to use a lens I showed them videos of quantum physics and alternate realities. I believe this is a topic many of us enjoy exploring.

Is the World a Simulation


Parallel Universes

Mirror Universe

I want to write a literary analysis through that lens (pun intended. Without a grade at stake I don’t know if I will actually get around to writing it. I am working on a fairy tale and it is going swimmingly (unknown pun intended).


Let’s co-create our new year with joy, gratitude, peace, and love. Let’s evolve together.

Meditation Medley

From Charles David

Happy New Year Peeps


I wanted to share some meditations with you. If one is not your cup of tea, check out another. lol

This song was on when I was on my way to the Gong Meditation.

I took it as a good omen.

Best Day of My Life

Oh and just because I like it.

Let Me Go

Now some meditations…..

The birds were enjoying this one today.

Merkaba Meditation

Solfeggio Master Frequency 1122 Hz

Crystal Bowl Chakra Clearing

The Heart Sutra Mantra

Cameron Day Meditations



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Sindy Sue