Channeled Message from
the Angelic Realms

~ Sophia ~

Greetings of light and illumination Dearest Ones! As I come to you in this moment, I share with you a message of connection and balance, an interpersonal experience that is kin to the moment you wake and find yourself staring into the eyes of your own soul, feeling as if you have woken from a slumber beyond the ages.I offer to you now, a deep diamond blue overlay, a sacred structure of protection and spiritual might. This energy forms the shape of a multi-leveled, 3-D diamond, with many triangular peaks and intersections. This geometric light is as fluid as it is solid, as flexible as it is sound, and anchored into the fabric of the universe that is to your understanding. This curving diamond is an offering of activation, a promise of union between the Ethers and the Earthly, between the Male and the Female, the Emotion and the Intellect, the Light and the Dark. This is a portal of sorts, an avenue of travel that you are able to access now, gliding along the many paths and channels of this indigo shade, beyond the scope of your preferred understanding. As you journey and discover that which you are only now beginning to FEEL and KNOW in conscious belief, this blue diamond coding will offer much peace of presence, healing on many levels, and hope when you are facing insurmountable odds.There has been such trembling in your hearts Dear Ones, so many of you waking to this new calling, this kind of ringing in your soul that jars you at your core and makes you feel as if the very skin across your side should peel away and reveal something new, and much more complete, deep within. The newness can feel raw, overwhelming, and often misunderstood by those you cherish and hold dear – but hold fast Dear Ones, as this newness is simply a remembering, and the more you embrace it, the more you explore the Light in all areas of your lives, the quicker and easier this new self shall be seen, felt and known not only in your own eyes, but across the globe.

The Light becomes stronger when you join it with others of similar Light – seek out those who uplift, encourage, and support you on all levels. As you do this, you create beams of light that radiate out into the entire universe, shifting and melting away all the heaviness and shadow that has been your understanding until now. What an amazing time to reveal, to become ONE with the ALL that you are…it is a joy to anticipate this resurrection of fullness, of the feminine in her power, like a Phoenix rising again…

Dear Ones, you are such power, such light…embrace the love around you, encourage it to grow, and nurture the seeds within that speak of love, kindness, and compassion. Allow only the voices in your mind that speak to you from your heart…joy, inspiration, laughter…take the time in the present, each moment, to delight in the fantastical musings of a world that continues to spin within a seemingly endless night, but is such a stage as to be lit by millions of stars….with love and gratitude and humble service, I am Sophia…Thank you…

Message transcribed by Jeanette St.Germain


Mimsy Were The Borogoves


Hello, I Love You

One of my favorite movie’s of the last ten years is “The Last Mimzy,” so I watched it today for like the hundredth and something time. I cried, and cried, as I do. I decided to investigate further, who wrote this, and when? Many of you literary types may be familiar with the story, as he references Lewis Caroll, and “Through the Looking Glass.”

“Mimsy Were the Borogoves,” was written by Henry Kuttner, and CL Moore, in 1943, and was published in Astounding Science Fiction Magazine. I found a PDF copy and read it.  They were husband and wife, and wrote under the pseudonym, Lewis Padgett. I must say I liked the film adaption a bit more than the story, as it is more modern, but what imagination. It is worth reading for sure.

Now….hmmm…I really probably shouldn’t tell you that I have a sort of communication with my healing bear Sawyer. Perhaps it is just my healthy imagination projecting. lol But he is just so cute and reminds me of Mimzy.




Super Power

Sindy Reiki Master


Happy Weekend friends. I have been working but it’s all good. I like my job, it is fun, usually.  Well I am continuing on as promised to share certain topics. Inspired again when I saw this image, an idealized, romanticized version of how I feel with my new super power. I always wanted a super power and wow, it is cool. Okay perhaps it is not technically a super power but it sure feels like it. lol I speak of becoming a New Usui Reiki Master last Sunday. What is New Usui Reiki you ask? Well you know as much as me. I really don’t care, all I know is I wanted some of the energy that Holly, and  others in the meditation group had. I have the workbook and I am just going to paraphrase, as I don’t want to copy all this making this post way too long. Ole Gabrielsen is the first in this lineage in what “he calls” a new upgraded version of Reiki. Now, I have practiced Qigong and I am a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner, but I had never had a Reiki attunement or healing, and never really was interested in it. Now all you lovely people that are Traditional Reiki Masters, I humbly bow at all you studied and went through, this is a different Reiki, from what I can discern its just a shortcut.

So I go to the class with high hopes and complete trust and allowance. I wanted some of what they had, and I got it. The following day electric currents were running up one side and down the other, and my hands were well…..almost visibly glowing. Sounds crazy I know, but I kid you not. I ran the Reiki, on a number of people, places and things, and mostly on myself, as that was advised by Holly. Have I mentioned how much I just adore these ladies, Holly, and Jeanette? They are so loving, fun, and kind. So well that’s it. I didn’t want to mention it because it will be slightly controversial in the Reiki Community I am certain, but I just know I got some connection to some really cool energy and that is just what I wanted.

Oh, there is so much more to tell, it;s only when I saw this image, I felt compelled to just get this out there.


Much love


❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀
. *✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸

Holly Powers Matthews 

These are the next two I want to take.

Seichem Master Level Reiki



City of Light



Well….What a week last week was, some good, some different. I missed my Thursday night meditation, which I wish I hadn’t but all is well. Last month of school for the semester, so I will still have a lot of homework, then I will have to real work. lol Yesterday my old 3G iPhone gave up the ghost. I found it interesting in timing as the phone was my dearly departed best friends, who died 4 years ago tomorrow, so the phone almost died on the same day. Hey Roger, out there somewhere. Karen Kubicko my dear friend and blogger, ask her heavenly guides where he was for me, and they said he had been reborn as a boy in California, so now I always look at small boys, as possible reincarnations of Roger. Although I live in Arizona, you never know.

Also I wanted to share a previous Thursday night meditation vision of a city of light that Sananda showed me. It looked like a crystal city with bright colored points throughout and in the towers. Then I was shown these crystal chambers, that were gem stones actually, giant orb shaped chambers that split in half so you could lye in them. There was an emerald one, sapphire, ruby…and so on, once you lay in them they would close and then be pulsed by a bright white light. Really cool and I assume for healing. I did not get to stay there very long as our meditation guide moved to another realm. The city of light was not mentioned by the guide, she just facilitated Sananda who showed me the city. However when comparing notes afterwards we often see very similar things. I didn’t share the city of light with them, so I don’t know. I have read a lot of NDE where a similar place has been described on several accounts. Would these be what some call heaven? I don’t think so. Karen and I both have experienced a healing place that is not this city of light. You can read about Karen’s here.


❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

Sacred Sisterhood

Crows Nicoletta C

Just wanted to repost the list of all my sister’s, who have been and will be contributing to our 11 Day Clearing Odyssey.

I have a big heart full of gratitude to all. It has been so beneficial for me to read each of your post and heartfelt sharing.

Note that tomorrow we have 2. Lucky us, how exciting.

12-Linda~ litebeing chronicles
13-Julianne~Through the Peacock’s Eyes
14-Karen~Karen Kubicko
15-Me  (My apologies to Deelia on my goof)
16-Lisa~My Spirit Journey
17-Debra~The Ptero Card & Deelia ~ Soul Fields
19-Shree~ The Heartsongs Blog
21-Barbara~Me, My Magnificent Self


✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

So much love~


Oh and I want to link a post I did a while back that has a process that I have found very helpful,

Clearing of Vows and Contracts from the Akashic Records.

Eating For Balance


Day 11 is Eating For Balance~ Deepak begins by saying “Food is Consciousness,” we are reminded to eat healthy live foods, and to eat in conscious awareness. Eating in harmony with our bodies. All good stuff!

The centering thought, I chose foods that help me thrive.”

Day 11 mantra, Om Vardhanam Namah  which means, I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.

Much love everyone, now to Biology homework. Fun stuff!

.¸¸*¨`*..¸ƸӜƷ ✫❀

The picture is from an earlier post on blueberries, here.

Stay tuned for an exciting presentation on something I am really passionate about.

(¯`´¯)I Am Brahman. Such is the truth. °*˜ƸӜƷ˜


Om, Om, Om


The Sanskrit mantra OM, honors our connection to the universe…Deepak’s words. Who doesn’t love OM? I know I do. Todays centering thought is, I Trust the Wisdom of my Body.

I like many people had that horrendous cold. I think it was one of the worst colds that I have ever had. He quotes a famous Vedic verse prior to the meditation really gives me cause for thought, “It is our duty to the rest of mankind to be perfectly healthy, because we are ripples in the ocean of consciousness, and when we are sick, even a little, we disrupt the cosmic harmony.” That is deep folks. It is our duty as conscious, awake and aware beings to be healthy. The butterfly effect.

.¸¸*¨`*..¸ƸӜƷ ✫❀

I love you~


Om Bhavam Namah


Om Bhavam Namah
I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities.

This was the first mantra to the Chopra 21 Day Health Meditation Challenge. The contemplative thought was, I commit to living Perfect Health!

I am so excited to participate, if this challenge does for health what the abundance challenge did for abundance, we will all be really healthy people. I am in huge gratitude to Oprah & Deepak for the service to us. Enjoy everyone.

If you are on Facebook it is really easy to go through to the challenge but if you are not you can do it via email. If on Facebook, just type in Chopra Meditation Challenge and it takes you to the page. here is the link again.

Chopra Meditation Challenge