Reflection Redux


 Ho’ oponopono Prayer Meditation

Mirror, mirror on the wall? Ms. Judy Moon recently titled a post on her blog Wellness Seeds. Although Judy has not chosen to opt into the “Let’s Go Retro Challenge” I am opting her in. lol

Judy talk about Louise Hay’s Mirror Technique, where you look into the mirror and say, “I love you!” or any number of positive and affirming things. Judy was beginning a 30 day dedication to this technique, and I thought, “What a great idea!” So. . . I propose a challenge within a challenge, wrapped inside a challenge. Okay I got carried away there. But starting tomorrow, June 1, I am going to commit to do this mirror work. Why not? Right? For some reason combining this with the Ho’ oponopono Prayer comes to mind. I love to do metaphysical experiments, for example, “affirmations,” if you do them diligently you get results, I have done this on 3 different occasions in my life. So as a metaphysical experiment I commit to doing this and Qigong. I have been doing Qigong but I have missed a day here and there. That won’t do. 30 days to create a habit. Let’s see what happens.

~Let’s Go Retro Challenge~


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