House of Ra

“House of Ra” – Live in the Mix – Nosara, Costa Rica, Feb 26 2021

We are honored to share with our beautiful Soul Family, the live mix that was played on the last night of our “Shift into 5D” retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica. We had an amazing week full of transformation, heart expansion, spontaneous healings from our angels and masters – suffices to say that it was magical beyond what words can describe. This mix features 432Hz music which matches the sacred harmonic healing resonance of planet earth.

It is our wish to share this beautiful gift of the healing frequencies we received from our angels with all of our beloveds who were not able to be present with us physically, yet were holding space for us from all around the world.

Please hold your heart and close your eyes as you dance to this sacred music. May you receive many blessings from your angels through these euphoric soundscapes. May you be recharged and uplifted!

With Love,

EldoRa and Siman ❤