January Challenge~Awakening


Gayarti Mantra

(Chant/Listen to the Gayarti Mantra with your heart, and headphones, maybe repeatedly, you will feel some awakening.)

I am writing this at the last minute, as it just snuck up on me. I also I have not had a chance to read everybody, I am sorry but, I just haven’t had the time I used to.

Barbara, my dear blogging friend has a challenge for people to share their awakening experience, at her blog, Me My Magnificent Self. I have been at this for over 30 years and I have earned molecules of conscious awareness, and I am no where near being an awakened human. I have a problem when someone uses that term and claims, they are awakened, now it is probably just semantics, or a misunderstanding but…. Only a master is truly awake in consciousness. I say the Dalai Lama, is possibly an awakened human but I am not aware of others, although I am sure there are a few.

There have been numerous moments of connection with God Source where I felt truly expanded awareness, had seconds of overwhelming all knowingness but it is impossible to maintain that connection or to maintain that frequency. As at says at Delphi Temple, “Man Know Thyself,” I believe that each day we endeavor at that knowing our true self and distinguishing between what is part of our being and what is not, chips away at unconsciousness and gives us just a bit more conscious awareness.

Like I said I have had many instances of connection, which I just don’t have time to tell. I recall pure bliss in my backyard when I was in love, such an expansion of the heart with nature, and the universe. That exist within me and should be accessible at anytime, but is it? Not easily, maybe I need the endorphins released by love.

I have to go to work, so I am going to have to end it here. I hope that what I wrote makes some kind of sense to the readers.

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So much love