Visual Alchemy

Metamorphosis can be painful, growth has it moments can be unpleasant. Digging deeper to get to the root of any issue, hurt, pain, karma that we possess to be healed and or resolved. I feel like deep old wounds are surfacing from the depths of the dark emotional subconscious, to be seen, to be healed. But, whoa…we have some deep ancient pains to deal with, to get it all up and out.

My blogger friend Leigh, at Not Just Sassy on the Inside, has blogged extensively on her work with self in these types of healings. You can read about her healing journey here.  I am as always so blessed, when I have so many lovely spiritual souls around to assist me, and send me energy. I am indeed fortunate.

Its so amazing to realize that we control our feelings, thoughts, reactions, attitudes, choices, manifestation, experiences, etcetera. Many of us have cognizant awareness of this but still to master it. I don’t know if there is a stage of metamorphosis that fits here unless it is the intelligent dna that tells certain strands which to turn off and other ones to turn on?

It requires sort of a multi layered self perception. The Observer, the Judge,the Soul/Higher Self. We are the judge and the jury. I think of this in terms of stress, emotional,and physical tension. I didn’t even realize I was stressed, I thought everything was hunky dory. The tension in my body I suppose allowed me to follow it to its source and release it, forgive it, but first I had to see it. I guess really this is just another post on emotional, and karmic clearing, and healing, yet deeper.  So I am still in the process, share the love peeps ❤ send it my way… but all is well, really.

Our group meditation last night was amazing, and off the chain cool as always. Other wonders in store this weekend, I will share with you later.


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