tower_babel~ Katherine Ace

Tower of Babel painting by Katherine Ace

Freedom Train my  funky musical choice

or  classic choice Me and Bobby McGee

Well today I will talk a bit about freedom, real freedom and not just merely the illusion of freedom. When you think of freedom, what comes to mind? Maybe riding your bicycle down a hill on a summers day, with the wind against your skin, knowing you can get an ice cold soda at the destination, or maybe its a quiet walk in the woods, riding a motorcycle, running??? Whatever elicits the feeling of freedom, find that memory and feel, embody those sensations.

Real freedom for me comes from non-attachment. It was about 3 years ago when I decided to leave Los Angeles, my home of over 30 years and move away. I just got rid of stuff, having lived in the same apartment for 18 years, I had amassed a lot of stuff. I gave away my nice bed, my television, antique hand painted cabinet from India, clothes, art, rugs, furniture, almost everything. This feeling came over me that was new and different, it felt light, I had to sit and search my mind for a word to label the feeling. I called my friend and said, “ST, I feel free, this is what freedom feels like.” It was an adult freedom and not necessarily the same carefree childhood freedom as the bike on a summers day but a freedom of letting go of attachments to stuff, letting go of our attachment to a place, an identity, or even a location. The trick is to not create new attachments…Haha..Right! Not so easy. As an observation and an exercise in my spiritual evolution at least I know what to work toward.

Freedom from notions, feelings, possessions, concepts, paradigms et cetera, and so forth.

So today I wish you freedom.

Today I embody freedom.

Today I give gratitude for the freedom I enjoy!


Just wanted to link my friend Bella’s blog post today~ Declare Your Independence

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One more Freedom tune.