Magical Melodies

Hello friends. The weather has been so lovely this weekend, and I had such a magical day, that I kept getting distracted with the parrots  still visiting and a gentle sun. I have a new phone, a generous gift from a dear friend. A lady that is always helping others. My student teaching is going well. I really love it there, and my students, and teacher. Now three months to graduation. I am so excited I am almost doing the Snoopy Dance, but I know I will cry on my last day with these kids. But I am still excited.

Oh and guess what? I read my poetry at a poetry slam for ASU, and Eddy accompanied me  on guitar. I was kind of surprised I did that. The most fun was mentoring the young poets.

Here is my Magical Melodies Playlist. Sorry but the music is not available on YouTube. Two Beatles and two ELO.

Magical Mystery Tour

Strange Magic

Strawberry Fields Forever

All Over the World

I miss you all and I hope my post finds you in a happy light .

Fairy Friday

green_fairy_wp_by_pygarFairies MeadowFairy sleep

Celtic Music

I invite you to go into the image, go into your garden, listen to the beautiful music, and enter that place of magic. Create your fairy dust by breathing as a power plant. The 4 Point breath is a super generator. 1) Inhale through your nose, to say 6 to 8 counts, deep into the diaphragm, 2) hold the breath for the same 6 to 8 count, 3) release the breath from your mouth, to a 6 to 8 count. 4) NOW, hold the empty space for the 6 to 8 count, inhale through the nostrils at the same rate of 6 to 8 count, and repeat. You can tell when you have repeated the cycle enough times, start with 3, and see how it feels. It causes your cells to just vibrate. This is a breathing exercise so do as your health permits.

More on me later~~~ Go dream, breathe.

Magical Mystical Moonbeams all~

Healing love to Linda


litebeing chronicles

Blue Feather


You know the phrase, “A little bird told me.” Well a little cat told me, (odie) that there was some speculation that a poem had been written about blue. Well now I love blue. I love poems. And the titillating suggestion that it regarded blue? Well I had to read it. I am speaking of a poem and post by my dear friend, artist, and poet, Dewin Nefol. Here is his poem.

Blue Feather

Singularly unique.

That’s you.

There’s no other Blue

more superlative than you.

Love’s unfathomable cobalt hue

crafted you blue

in lightening hue

electric you






No other

with your mesmerising blue

there’s never another

touching infinite blue

soaring forever in

Sky blue hue,






No other

Blue like you.

No other feather

blushes like you…

…tinted Blue Moon hue

is my sweet memory of you




feather by Love


Dewin Nefol

Fairy Realm




A lot of veils between worlds seem to be melting away. They are speaking to us more and more… your garden among the flowers, and in the trees. Listen with a gentle ear…They love chimes, and pretty things, they hang with butterflies, dragonflies, and birds. They can be spotted in the moonlight.

This too was shared at Franheal by Fran Zeda. I am also sharing it as I really have felt a lot of influence from the Nature Elemental Realm. ƸӜƷ   “I do believe in fairies. I do, I do.”

Here is a sweet message channeled by Melanie Lefont


The Fairies and the Unicorns ~ The lands of Mystery

Beautiful hearts, wondrous souls on adventure in the lands of Gaia. We speak to you with much gratitude and with a profound respect for all of you, for these wondrous times of shifts and ascension are of the utmost demanding type of soul work for you all dear hearts. Astounding glimmer and light cities are activating their existence upon your planes of awakening and being, and this thanks to all of your heart work, your diligence and your thrive to become the new Race of Human/God consciousness in One.

The so called lands of Mystery bear no longer such secrets for you, for those are here to unfold along with your Cosmic wisdom and inner center of essence. Your Light is reaching the shores of other dimensions and realities so that participation from the other realms are obviously and possible to occur in a more stable and conscious state of being. Allow our journey to begin now as a unity of One and let us elaborate more on that part, dear hearts.

We abound in the Now to open your Cosmic hearts of being, through the creation and the flame of Mother/Father God in these beautiful expressions of your human vehicle experience. As the doors of your Cosmic heart are being opened through the desire and the will of being One in Love and in Harmony, the entire universe and multiverse of Light consciousness is accelerating in her process of a deep transformation that involves all of Humanity, all of the Galactic nations and all of the nature – and the ethereal elementals to shift the entire planet Gaia for the greater good of all.

We invite you to keep in mind that we are all participating in this wondrous process that is unfolding at this time and that we, the Unicorns, function as the keepers of the Flames of Spirituality and enlightenment through the Cosmic heart of creation and illumination and that we, the fairies, function as the keepers of Joy, laughter, happiness and Love for those are the manna for transcendence.

Invite our Presences within your heart and that way we will be more and more present within your own reality of being ~ where the Magic takes place and becomes the order of your daily lives on Earth. Together we are building the bridge of creation towards the new world and you are even walking upon it at this time while simultaneous diligently building further on the bridge of creation.

The long seeded lands of mystery are now becoming visible and tangible for you all and some are already enjoying the fruits of this labor and this long forgotten land. We welcome you heartily and it is our heartfelt desire for you to feel at home here and at peace with one another, as well as with our heart of being.

The children of this Earth have never forgotten these lands of Mystery for our reality has always been a part of their lives and consciousness in the heart. An open connection is made with those magnificent souls as the new children are the ones that abound in purity and eternal wisdom with an open heart for all existence in life, on Earth and above.

Those children are the keepers of our lands that felt compelled to bring back this mystery and the knowledge of our lands upon the minds, the hearts and the lands of the Earthly levels of all existence. This would be the human heart, the human mind and the human concepts of being and understanding ~ its consciousness. The secret lies in allowing your inner child to emerge once more and to allow that part of you to bring forth the cosmic wisdom of the Divinity in All.

The Fairies: See us in butterflies, see us in dragonflies and in the beauty of flowers for we are always close to those existences of consciousness on Earth. We still reside in your Earthly spheres, although not too close to your boundaries of the Human vehicle consciousness. But one can see with their heart that reflects through the inner eye of your true being. We reside with you as long as you are in need of some companion in joy and happiness, for we are joy and happiness. We bring that inner child within you to the shores of your being in this reality and so we allow your magical abilities to be experienced in order to create and to manifest through joy.

The Unicorns: You can find us in the Earthly elemental kingdom that resides closely to our nephews the horses and the woods of your lands. We travel in the sands of time, where every grain of sand allows the time to dissolve in the eternal and so it is there where you can find us, see us and experience us through the heart of your being where you are one with time and the eternal flame. The Silver lining is our consciousness and Ray of Light that resides within every Feminine Divinity of all beings. We bring inspirations, illumination and spiritual knowledge by awakening your inner Divine Feminine for we are keepers of it in collaboration with the Angels.

Let us now bow for that beautiful process that is unfolding at this time within all of you and for all of humanity for it is wondrous to say the least and an everlasting growth in consciousness that must be celebrated in Love and peace, respect and joy!

We stand by you with Love

The Fairies and the Unicorns

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline:


Nature Magic

Magic Butterfly


It’s a great day, and I am excited for something special happening tonight that I can’t explain at the moment. Also I saw the film Maleficent last night and it was so magical. So I am off to my own magic and I leave you with one of my favorite inspirations, Mayan Messages.

❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

. *✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸♥

Posted by Theresa Crabtree in  Mayan Messages, 6/22/14

Nature Review Day

Take time to go into Nature. Silence your outer world and take as many breaths as you need to relax and release the worries of the day. Bring to your attention something you wish to resolve or get direction on.

Connect with your Higher Self, believing this is possible. All that needs to be done to make this connection is to go within and ask that it be so. Ask for guidance and listen to the thoughts that come into your head.
There is no need to go deeply into a meditative state, to chant a specific mantra or to stand on your head until you are dizzy. You are always connected, every moment, although stilling the chatter in your head long enough to hear what your Spirit wishes to share may take practice.
The difficulty for most to overcome is the belief that indeed you can connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Once you understand how they communicate through your emotions, senses and intuition, you will be able to communicate more clearly.
Pay attention to the emotions you are feeling and physical sensations such as goose pimples or a fluttering in the heart. Know that we are always nearby, full of love and the desire to be of assistance to you.
Allow yourself to feel our love by asking for an astral group hug. Feel the warmth that comes into your heart and know we are near. Bless this day and fill your heart with gratitude for the opportunity to be walking upon the Earth. Selamet! Lamat 6, Day 188

Mayan Messages

Realm OF Magic



“I Do Believe in Fairies, I do, I do.” A famous line from Peter Pan. Do you believe in fairies and nature spirits? Well I certainly do. A lot of this fairy energy has started to manifest. A internet spiritual teacher and friend started interacting with nature spirits and fairies, and I thought, how sweet. I wasn’t discounting her, but part of my logical, reasoning mind did. Yet around Halloween I bought these butterfly wings that I thought would be a cute decoration and put them on my window, then in LA my friend pulls out these fairy crowns and ask me did I need one, I said of course. lol So all the sudden there are these fairy elements in my room. Then getting ready for Christmas, I discover these pink twinkle lights, so what do I do? Well I wrap them around a branch, attach my butterflies and a purple silk scarf, Now its very magical in there. lol

The multitude of birds that have breakfast in my backyard tell me that the fairies are their friends, and ride their backs for fun sometimes. Magic is always and ever present if we only Allow it.

Much love~


✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀


Thanks to Linda for the award!

litebeing chronicles

Shift Into Magic

Following up on my exploration of yesterday, I am still thinking of magic. Magic in the wonders beyond the solidity of third dimensional existence. Most surely we have all had glimpses, and some of us more than others. Magical experiences come with being open, still, conscious and nonjudgmental. We need to also cultivate the energy required as in Chi/Qi or prana. Allow and trust, take small journeys and meditations, cultivate the stillness and adapt to another frequency. Get accustomed to the new, subtle and varying frequencies. Today I allow myself magic.