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We are all master creator’s! Whether we own it, or not, it is true. It is truly empowering, on every level. I am going to digress a minute. Around the 2012, December 21, Maya Calendar hoopla, there were high energies flowing, for myself, when divinely guided to leave Los Angeles, prior to the date by 2 years, I did. The extraordinary odyssey that followed is good evidence to listen to your guides. I diverged from diverging, on the 12/21/2012, there was a mixture of excitement, and trepidation. The event was much hyped, and some may say it was anticlimactic, however I feel there was a shift that occurred, and there is no doubt in my mind. I used my own powers of creation to visualize the kind of timeline I wanted to exist in. I meditated a lot, I prayed a lot. Fortunately I was able to leave the south shortly after that date and come back west where I am home. My point is I believe that I am indeed seeing my dreams unfold. This is politics which I do not normally engage in as I have not believed in the system for some time now, however, I do believe in us! We the people are waking up. We the people are owning our power. I am speaking briefly about Bernie Sanders, US presidential candidate, as Bernie says, “What is important here is the grassroots movement” I paraphrased. I have seen endless videos of people supporting talking about “love” and humanity. Unity! It is the movement he inspired that makes me smile. We are Masterful Creator’s and we need to own it all.

That is just part of it. In my own goals, I am looking at turning coal into diamonds, in every way. This week I got some coal, at first this displeased me, my first reaction was fear. Isn’t that natural? lol It shouldn’t be, but right away I received guidance, I hear from my guides, “Practice what you preach. This is an opportunity,” and since that is what I have been personally working on, Quantum Thought, I agreed. I felt better, fear dissipated immediately. I really do believe 100% that when “stuff” happens, or their is an appearance of an obstacle, that we ourselves (higher self) put it there. We cannot see what master alchemist we are with out the raw base materials in which to transform. So anyway current coal is a work in progress.

On a wonderful synchronous note, after the above, I opened an email from Matt K, and Julie D.  This is what it said.

A Message to All Innocent Hearts,

 The difference between a lightworker and a victim has nothing to do with the situations faced, but how one responds to the circumstances at hand. A lightworker uses their world of experiences to become the change they wish to see, while a victim is hurt by the actions of a world, while waiting for the change they have yet to become. On a spiritual level, a victim is a lightworker in training.


Smile, laugh, give great thanks for your life.

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Please Forgive Me


This was shared with me courtesy of Ms. Linda, at litebeing chronicles. Thanks this is perfect. Matt seems to also follow Ho’oponopono.

Below is from Matt Kahn

~~~❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀~~~

As a way of inspiring a moment of profound healing by receiving the transmission of energy encoded in these words, please read the following post, either silently or out loud. I also invite you to pass it along to inspire greater healing in every heart. Many blessings to all. ~Matt=-)Dearest inner child,I’m sorry if you ever felt hurt, abandoned, rejected or doubted by anyone in the past, or if you’ve ever felt that I have lived in a way that has excluded you from my experience. I’m sorry if I made you feel less then, humiliated, or judged by calling you an ego. I apologize for imaging you as a barrier to God, or something to get away from; as if you were not a pivotal part of my journey and the guardian to my highest Self.I’m so sorry if my interest in spirituality made you feel like the invisible sibling that’s never enough for my attention.

I’m sorry if lovers seemed more important than honoring you. And when you felt unsafe around the people I surrounded myself with, I’m sorry I did not hear your requests. Instead, I tried to desperately earn the validation from those who made you feel unsafe. I now see how caring for you, my beloved innocence of heart, offers me the validation, confidence and emotional support that no one else may be destined to provide.

May this moment of forgiveness be a re-start between us, where we make peace and allow the mind and heart to reunite by coming together in the oneness of love., May we engage in the beauty and harmony of consciousness, so each battle or wound within me can be healed for the wellbeing of all. May I finally feel the joy of being myself, as a conscious parent to you, my own innocent nature. May you no longer have to act so desperately to earn my loving approval. May you no longer have to create existential crisis as a way of calling out for my loving attention.

I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I did not know how deeply you hurt. From this moment forward, I intend to be the one that keeps you safe, honors your curiosities and concerns by allowing you to share whatever you need to say. I am ready to turn towards the light of my divinity by listening to anything you wish to share with engaged heart-centered attention. I am ready to love you as never before, knowing it’s not about being perfect, but doing my best to allow love to be my response to the emotions you use to communicate with me.

Whether its fear, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, shame, insecurity, loneliness, frustration, confusion, or even gratitude, openness, peace, and joy, each feeling is an opportunity to love you throughout each passing experience – no matter how preferable, freeing, frustrating, or inconvenient any of it seems to be.

Thank you for being a part of my life. I love you – now and forever. And so I am healed.


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 This was Day 3 , Awaken the Energy of Gratitude. Deepak spoke of feeling gratitude and called it the gladdening of the heart. It has only been the last couple years I have come to comprehend the dynamic energy of gratitude. Oprah has understood for years, which is why she is Oprah. lol She always used to talk about her Gratitude Journal, and she promoted someone in that regard. I don’t recall when I got it exactly, but now, I get it. When we feel gratitude it just transforms everything.

Also Linda, at litebeing chronicles has very recently shared Matt Kahn with us, as did another good friend of mine. Read Linda’s post here. I adore Matt and his concepts, his videos have really been transformative in my life. Thank you Linda, and  the Queen ❤

This is the link to all his videos on YouTube. I love, love, love the video on Intention.

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