Need To Believe?

I am usually good with snappy titles but I do not really know what to call this post. I receive email newsletters from a couple of spiritual type gurus. Now, I do not mean to be demeaning or condescending as I think everyone has something to offer. At various times in my life I have participated  in this or that system, and I have gotten something from all of them. What makes me cynical however are blind follower’s. Anybody with guru or teacher worship, anybody that doesn’t continually question. What got me to thinking was a newsletter about pilgrimages to the Yucatan for December, 21, 2012.

This lovely woman/guru was telling everyone that she had been booked for a long time, but could recommend three other metaphysical journeys with other authors/guru/teachers. This whole Maya calender end date scenario has spurred a cottage industry. It must take great courage and strength to be an atheist, as it seems to me we as humans all NEED something to believe. Something in me finds that just pathetic. I am so sorry if this is insulting to anyone but I include myself. Why can’t we/I, just know there is a Source of Love and Creation/God, and know we are part of that Source, and that be enough? Is it we like to be a part of a social group, feel like we belong to something, feel like we have inside information (this has always been a favorite of mine, as I am a bit arrogant)? Whatever it is it makes me all the more cynical and sardonic.

I am a double Scorpio and my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, so this may in part explain my cynicism. LOL

I am not questioning as in asking for answers from anyone, it was just a curious observation.

Edited to add: I would however invite your opinions and discussion. 🙂