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Well now, I got a jump on it. Reorganizing, and redecorating, my library, so exciting to get all the books in order. I am building my classroom library for next year when I start teaching. School starts next week and I have not be Susie Homemaker this summer, I have been Sindy Reads A Lot. So I am getting things clean and orderly before BAM, so much schoolwork. lol

Here some Mercury Retrograde (Aug. 12 thru Sept. 5) links for you.

Under Pressure

Trust Me Babe

Affect on the Signs

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo


Rediscover~ Relocate~Redesign~Renew~Rebel



Mercury, Mercury, Mercury


Shock the Monkey

Fun Fact!

One day on Mercury last about 1,408 hours. The same as about one Monday, on Earth.

Seriously! This Mercury Retrograde has been so Mercury Retrograde for me, especially last week. This time last week I am preparing to begin the Spring semester last Monday, so I check my schedule, as you do, and discover a class I need to graduate, ENH 222, (Brit Lit. after 1800) has been dropped due to enrollment. “Eghads,” I say, wondering what I am going to do? Financial Aid can be pretty touchy. My first thought was perhaps I could do an Independent Study, with my favorite professor, and the really nice thing was that he was willing, but it is not allowed. I ask for this. I did, and now it manifest exactly as I requested, “I don’t want to take this teacher,” I say, “I want to take it somewhere else.” I said this aloud, a couple times about a year ago. Now, I had changed my mind, but never put that order in. lol Place your order, get your request. So its a long story but I am taking the class somewhere else. Of course I then have to transfer the credit back to my school. This episode which showed up a week ago as a “Tower” in the tarot, which was followed by the “Star, and the Wheel of Fortune,” so I knew it would be fine. Standing on the cold hard cement in Financial Aid, hearing I cannot do this, and they cannot do this. . . I thought to myself, “Smile, just smile at everybody.” lol I prayed, I was freaking out a little.  I said to my angelic friends, “Okay, okay, if I have to drop out of school until fall, there will be something better. It will all be good. Just keep on smiling. Have one of those Tootsie Pops.” I persevered, I appealed, I had a cherry Tootsie Pop, and I was given an exemption, so I hope. The car wouldn’t start last week, and this, and that…. I say, “Mercury, Mercury, Mercury,” like Jan Brady, “Marsha, Marsh, Marsha.” It was a good lesson, and I am proud of myself. However Mercury does go direct tomorrow, big sigh. It is all good, but brother. My knee is finally healing, and getting better. Thanks for all healing, and prayers.

I just discovered a Word Press blogger, Dipali Desai, go visit her blog on Mercury Retrograde,  Celestial Space Astrology Blog.  Here is what Dipali says about tomorrow:


Mercury goes Direct in the earth sign of Capricorn at 15 degrees on January 25th, 2016.

It helps to move with the astrological rhythm rather than create extra mental frustration. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn suggests reviewing what needs to be restructured and reorganized. The other thing to take a closer look at is how
the concrete mind interferes with faith, trust and greater understanding when it comes to Spirituality or anything non-physical. When Mercury is in an earth sign the mind believes only what it sees in its physical form. Reflect on how this may create interference and separation in your perception and thinking in daily life.

Celestial Space Astrology Blog


The whole blog post is really good so check it out. Wish me luck, so far, so good. I think I can breathe.




Detail of Puzzled Monkeys Tree


Shila Burgess

Mo Mo Mo Retro


Rebel Yell

Why, “Rebel Yell,” it just popped in my head while reading this article I am about to share. Billy Idol and the 80’s just make me smile. Billy and I shared a hair dresser, for 16 years. My best Billy story is once when waiting tables at a super trendy cafe near Universal, I was waiting on him and the band, they were dressed just like the video, except Billy had a shirt on.  In all their leather, finger-less gloves, and cool colorful cowboy boots, that were big in the 80’s. One of their songs came on the muzak, and I happen to notice Billy tapping his boot, I say, “You like that song do you?” He gave me that crooked grin of his. So that’s it. Anyways I really like this astrologer’s Mercury Retrograde article. Here it is . . .

Mo, Mo, Mo


Aquarius Papers

Robert Wilkinson

Mercury the planet that symbolizes communication and the linear mind moves into the futuristic sign of Aquarius on January 5th, 2016.

“The focus will be on being progressive and having innovative ideas as well as evolving perceptions…”

“Planets do not cause anything in Astrology. They symbolize themes within Consciousness. By changing your use of the language around Mercury retrograde, you bring clarity and empowerment of your experience before, during and after a Mercury retrograde phase…”

“Majority of this particular Mercury retrograde is in the down to earth sign of Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn suggests perceptions and thought processes become more structured and ideas need to be concrete…”

“From about January 18th through January 30th, 2016 Mercury in Capricorn continually makes an aspect to Uranus/Pluto transit.

“It’s wise to slow down while driving, pay attention to surroundings, be patient in communicating and with sudden changes or upsets. There is potential for a dynamic spark or ignition of something during that time period.

“The grace that counter-balances things during this time period is Mercury in Capricorn will also continually make a ‘Trine’ Aspect to Jupiter in Virgo retrograde. This can bring a enormous wave of positive or helpful communication, information and new possibilities…”

“By the end of the month, as Mercury in Capricorn at 15 degrees shifts into Direct motion on January 25th, 2016, it does so with an intense symbolic burst stimulating the already raw and creatively potent Uranus in Aries ‘square’ Pluto in Capricorn.

“Expect the unexpected. Be prepared to alter plans and make sudden changes. There is rich potential for major breakthroughs, realizations and revelations now. Use this symbolic nudge towards venturing into the unknown adventure and to broaden horizons.

“Interesting revelations may unfold through unusual sources or situations. Remain flexible and move with the changes rather than resisting them.

“It’s wise to watch your tone in communication during this time. Pent up frustration may either feel like a sharp jab or controlling. Choose to communicate with integrity and patience.”


© Copyright 2016 ~DIPALI DESAI. All Rights Reserved

Robert Wilkinson



Happy Mercury Retrograde

Elements Visual Alchemycubes-447703_1280memories are made of this visual alchemy

Hello-Adele Violin Cover

Damien Escobar

Hey everybody! Yall all know of my love of Digital Artist, Visual Alchemy and his mandalas. Apparently his Mac that he used to create was damaged, and he has a Go Fund Me if anyone has a shekel, or drachma, to contribute? I just thought sharing it, is the least I can do.

Macbook Pro Fund

My friend Jeanette shared a great astrologer with this weeks horoscope for everyone, so I am just going to share the link.

Chani Nicholas


Much Love





Top & Bottom



Visual Alchemy 

Let’s Go Retro

Compression Visual Alchemy10400767_613628865440315_7534027042333394104_nCompression Visual Alchemy

 Perry Como

 In honor of Mercury Retrograde, May 18 – June 11, let’s go retro. It is my first week off school, and I am looking forward to some blogging fun this summer. I propose a Retro Blogging Challenge ~ Prompt is “Retro,” so you can reuse, reblog and oldie but goody, and link me, or discuss a retro topic, its a wide open theme. I am not going to set dates, lets do it until June 11. Let’s Rock this Mercury Retrograde and make it work for us. Reassess, reevaluate, redecorate, reorganize, redistribute, reassign, rediscover……..

(Oh and I will add all links on my blog, so my readers will see you.)

Let’s Go Retro Challenge


 litebeing chronicles

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Not Just Sassy on the Inside (II)

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Sammi Cox

I would love your contribution


I am going to rediscover, my Qigong practice. I am going to a Qigong Meetup on Wednesday. I am so excited to rededicate myself to a daily Qigong practice. I love you all. Please join me.




Visual Alchemy