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 Clair de Lune

Debussy was one of the most prominent figures associated with Impressionist music, though he himself intensely disliked the term when applied to his compositions. In France, he was made Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in 1903. Debussy was among the most influential composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and his use of non-traditional scales and chromaticism influenced many composers who followed. Debussy’s music is noted for its sensory content and frequent eschewing of tonality. The French literary style of his period was known as Symbolism, and this movement directly inspired Debussy both as a composer and as an active cultural participant.

Best of Debussy



Shamanic Drumming Meditation

(The above link may not be for everybody? lol)

I was drawn to a drum yesterday. I think I might get one. I have also been wanting a gong, some crystal bowls, and the PanArt Hang.

I gifted myself several new wind chimes for the patio in the garden.

Wind chimes make me happy.




Galactic Concert

Forced Flower 2 Visual Alchemy

 Visual Alchemy

A Sound Healing

 This last Saturday I was fortunate to attend a Galactic Concert, I call it thus as this is what I experienced. There were only 13 of us in the physical room, but I observed beings from all dimensions, space & time in attendance. My spiritual friend, the lovely, talented spiritual alchemist Jeanette St. Germain played for us the wind gong and crystal bowls….many of us bring our pillows, blankets, and yoga mats, and just lay in bliss bathed in the the harmonic frequencies.

I allowed my visions to go wherever the harmonics took me, I started at a Star Temple on a cliff above a deep purple ocean, the skies above a window to galactic movement, angels knelt and listened, mermaids sat on rocks and listened. My being  transdimensional as I listened and viewed from the temple. A vast table flowed like a indigo ribbon stretching across a South African plain with beings feasting on either side, and stretched on like a river. There was so much more, but you get the idea.

I am truly blessed. I love my life. I wish peace for the troubled, and happiness to the sad, comfort to the sick, and food for the hungry. My heart, and cup runneth over.


Peace & Love


PanArt Hang



So here is my new obsession. The PanArt Hang drum. OMG! I think it is a tool for communication, and New Age Galactic cellphone. They are made in Switzerland, are extremely hard to get, and sell for $7000 on eBay. But there is music by talented musicians that have one, like James Hood. I will share a couple links below. There is an instrument on the mass market that is cool but I want an original. Put that one in the vortex.

James Hood Ceremony

In his video James says, “It’s like sonic incense that just perfumes the air.” I loved that line. I love his music. He made the recording “Ceremony,” in the Integratron, a ” historical structure is a resonant tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.” I have heard a lot about this place, and feeling more and more sound resonance as a vital tool.

Anyways enjoy the music links below.

Love & happiness~

James Hood Improvisation 3

PanArt Hang, a Sound Cloud Mix

Oh further reading says the Hang is no longer made or available. They now offer the Gubal, but you cannot just get one because you want one. Very interesting, read here.

PanArt Hang Documentary ~ Getting some visions here on where this technology came from. lol

Curiousier and curiouser!!!! This is a rabbit hole that interest me greatly.


Namaste again and again~

❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀
. *✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸♥

Ode To Lil D



My wonderful lil blue beta, named Lil D, died Saturday after a long illness. He was a really outstanding fish. We were very connected. He could enter my dreams with messages. Once when changing his water he missed the net, and I panicked, he jumped back into the net. He hung on for a long time. I paid him lots of attention, gave him healing and would make sure he had sun and light which he liked.

I decided to go Buddhist with his remains, and I put him out where the birds eat. He was a great fish and I wish him a great new rebirth.

Art: Blue Fish Six

By: J. Vincent Scarpace

Artist website 

Namaste & Rest in Peace Lil D