Glorious New Year


So much life has been lived, experienced and processed lately, that I have not taken the time to post. For me the December 12-21 2012 days were very significant. Thanks to my pre-immersion in Abundance meditations, I was good to go. I had moments of absolute bliss over the holidays. You focus on ananda, you receive ananda, or so it seems. Almost all my family was under one roof, my Mom and brother watching football in the hearth room, apple spice cake was baking in the oven, my sister is reading a book in a comfy chair…I just soaked it up. I was also able to drive around all the place from my past and my childhood with my sister and clear and process all my past. We visited our elementary school and took a picture, we drove through where my parents are from and where my grand parents lived…..It was “This is Your Life,” for the Simms Sisters, lol

I really want to go into this second new year, as 12/21 was also a new beginning, but go into this calendar new year with purity of spirit, with purity of intention. I want to be and express huge gratitude for the power of creation and existence.

I choose to learn and process with consciousness instantaneously. Be Positive, Be Powerful, Be in Full Glory of Being, I AM That I AM!



Happy New Year 2013

Peace & Love


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Bright Promise

Ken Rotberg

I hope that everyone is having a great Holiday Season with family, and friends. I know that I did. There were moments so blissful that they were almost surreal. This morning I read a couple of great blog post. One was by Bella Capozzi, The Angel Diaries.  Bella summed up my feeling in this post, A Kinder, Gentler World. My Experiences With Life After 12-21. She speaks of her thoughts and experiences of life post 12/21/12, on Ascension and changes, I too feel I am in a kinder, gentler world, as I too feel kinder and gentler.

The second one was a post by Leigh, at Notes From The Bluegrass. Leigh spoke of her reactions and self-observations on the Newtown tragedy and Ho O’ Pono Pono and cleaning it in ourselves. Both really awesome post.

Also, I wanted to share a very excellent result of my Chopra 21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge. I have been without a car for a couple of years and totally not expecting, was gifted my Mothers old car, refurbished, by her and my Step Father for Christmas. How cool is that? Well for me, it is pretty darn cool.

Additionally, I will be making a major move this coming month from Louisiana to Arizona, much closer to my friends and life in Los Angeles. So I am excited. I am very hopeful and positive about our New Year 2013. As long as those of us who have been called to awaken to our destiny, continue as we have, our world has a bright load of promise and miracles, joy, harmony and happiness.

Peace & Love


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Ken Rotberg