My 444th Post

So continuing on from my last post I had experienced what I call angel signs. I decide to go for a meditation/nap, one usually leads to the other at home, and I am cool with that. I usually have something playing, a meditation, some gentle music, but I went for quiet and applied reiki to myself, and quieted the mind chatter, and fell asleep. It was only a couple hours before we were to leave to go to the meditation. I hadn’t been asleep long and I awake to water being sprayed on the front door, I am thinking, why is my sister washing the front door? lol She wasn’t we were having a thunder storm. The wind is crazy and it blows in all directions at the same time, the sound of rolling thunder was freaky. I don’t know if I have ever heard rolling thunder like that before, it lasted for like a long time with no break in sound. Rain is coming down and blowing in all directions. It is monsoon season here but it was sunny and not expected. By the time we got ready to leave about 30 minutes later it had stopped.

As I mentioned in the previous post my sister had purchased some new crystals, the Thursday before she had received a certain stone and within days it had broken in half, I had a rose quartz break in half that same Thursday.  We researched various opinions on the breaking, and read the meanings…her stone and mine. On the drive to meditation there were trees and limbs down all over, I said it looked like a tornado almost (not that bad) but my sister told me they are called microburst which makes more sense to what I say the wind doing. Fascinating, anyways after the meditation which is a whole other fantastic journey, I start seeing correlations in destruction and creation, a line of thought running from the broken stones, and the broken tree limbs. I had seen The Tower card in a reading I had done for myself in relation to another, so I was seeing the good side of this card, which I never really am thrilled to see in my reading. Things felt released and cleansed. I guess you really do have to break some eggs to make an omelette.

Lots and lots of magical fairy elements going on lately, has been for awhile now, but what is interesting to me, is when I see and read it so many other places. In meditation we practiced feeling shifts in the dimensions and fields, being mutable. We had a nice fairy interaction but we went so way beyond, it was just really cool, and only 4 of us in attendance. So much high frequency interaction, and energy running, I was so buzzed afterwards. lol

That is all for now, I am still processing all i experienced yesterday and in last nights meditation. Perhaps onced processed I will share more later.


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Outside earlier between writing the last post and this, I put on James Hood playing the PanArt Hang, and the birds and butterflies came out like in Disney’s Cinderella. They really liked it. lol

Natalie Glasson on the Fairy Realm here.

PanArt Hang



So here is my new obsession. The PanArt Hang drum. OMG! I think it is a tool for communication, and New Age Galactic cellphone. They are made in Switzerland, are extremely hard to get, and sell for $7000 on eBay. But there is music by talented musicians that have one, like James Hood. I will share a couple links below. There is an instrument on the mass market that is cool but I want an original. Put that one in the vortex.

James Hood Ceremony

In his video James says, “It’s like sonic incense that just perfumes the air.” I loved that line. I love his music. He made the recording “Ceremony,” in the Integratron, a ” historical structure is a resonant tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.” I have heard a lot about this place, and feeling more and more sound resonance as a vital tool.

Anyways enjoy the music links below.

Love & happiness~

James Hood Improvisation 3

PanArt Hang, a Sound Cloud Mix

Oh further reading says the Hang is no longer made or available. They now offer the Gubal, but you cannot just get one because you want one. Very interesting, read here.

PanArt Hang Documentary ~ Getting some visions here on where this technology came from. lol

Curiousier and curiouser!!!! This is a rabbit hole that interest me greatly.


Namaste again and again~

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