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This is such an interesting time overall. I really look at things as broadly as I can while perceiving existence with an alternate, or metaphysical view. The Big Picture, so to speak. In this era we have access to endless information at our fingertips. At anytime day or night anywhere in the world we can communicate. It is all truly amazing. We can unite in activities of oneness. I am able to survey a large amount of data, and see trends. I should have done that professionally. I see change. It is time for this world to get the respect she deserves. It is time for us to respect and honor ourselves and all existence. This applies triply to myself. You always have to break some eggs to make an omelette.

I continue to hold the vision of peace, well being and happiness for all beings. ❤

I am reading Shelly’s, Frankenstein, great writing.


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Sandra Duran