Let’s Go Retro

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 Perry Como

 In honor of Mercury Retrograde, May 18 – June 11, let’s go retro. It is my first week off school, and I am looking forward to some blogging fun this summer. I propose a Retro Blogging Challenge ~ Prompt is “Retro,” so you can reuse, reblog and oldie but goody, and link me, or discuss a retro topic, its a wide open theme. I am not going to set dates, lets do it until June 11. Let’s Rock this Mercury Retrograde and make it work for us. Reassess, reevaluate, redecorate, reorganize, redistribute, reassign, rediscover……..

(Oh and I will add all links on my blog, so my readers will see you.)

Let’s Go Retro Challenge


 litebeing chronicles

Eyes Of Odysseus

Soul Fields

Fiesta Estrellas

Sophia’s Children

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Me, My Magnificent Self

Not Just Sassy on the Inside (II)

The Seeker’s Dungeon

Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

Through the Peacock’s Eyes

The Dream Well

Walking My Path

Sammi Cox

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I am going to rediscover, my Qigong practice. I am going to a Qigong Meetup on Wednesday. I am so excited to rededicate myself to a daily Qigong practice. I love you all. Please join me.




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