Hey folks! Quick update, Microsoft has caused my computer to have seizures, and she is in Intensive Care at Best Buy, The Geek Squad nurses may have to rebuild her. lol So I am at the school library to do homework. Math is going pretty well, since I did not have my computer to entertain me, I did Math for hours last night just for fun. Yes, just for fun. I knew two other people whose computer crashed on Wednesday due to Microsoft updates. Going from 8 to 8.1~ Fishy, fishy….. Anyway so….I am away from the computer. Must get back to studies…Literary Criticism, and British Literature prior to the 17th Century…Fun stuff! Not! But necessary.

Meditation was AWESOME last week. Back soon.

*** Edited to add: Not Microsoft Updates to blame but my mishandling the machine. The hard drive is broken. My apologies for my ignorant assumption. lol***