The Cosmic Flush


This step in Cameron Day’s Clearing Technique is just brilliant, and simple. He calls it the Cosmic Flush. You can read it, or hear it Here.

It reminds me of Qigong and “Lift Chi Up, Pull Chi Down, but this is faster, I still recommend the Qigong as well. In Qigong I would use the analogy of thinking of your energetic matrices as pipes, and the energy as water. When your pipes are clogged, you flush them. It reinvigorates and energizes your every atom.

With Full Self Sovereignty ~I AM~

The Cosmic Flush

Self-Clearing System level 1, Step 2

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Odd title for what I want to talk about but maybe it will make sense and tie in. If you read my blog, or have read my About page, you will see that I am a mixed bag. I am no one discipline but all of them. I am a spiritual Jack of all Trades. My personal beliefs are all over the place. I am like a casserole, a little, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, New Age, meditations, paganism, prayer, Qigong, anyway, You get the point. Lately I have really been seeking that point of peace . I have been listening to all sorts of spiritual speakers, teacher and musicians. Deepak Chopra is among my favorites, but I haven’t downloaded them yet, they’re Forty dollars, but worth it.

So in my Reader, here at Word Press, I discover this website: Ascension Help Blog, the blogger is Cameron Day. The more I read, the more I liked and resonated with Cameron. I like his style and his techniques are Self Sovereign, and I am good with that.

His meditation to bring in the Higher Self and Galactic Core energies were just what I needed. There is also The Cosmic Flush. Just awesome stuff.  Last night after a hot lavender salt bath, I did the meditation. Wow, oh wow! I slept like a baby. I really like working (communing,) with my own higher aspects, and God Source. I linked Cameron Day’s blog above, and will link his meditations and radio link below.

I had a experience/transmission from the Galactic Core a while back I posted here. So I found the synchronicity interesting. I have had a lot of synchronicity with other blogger friends lately too. Shree, Karen, Leigh ,Fran, Renard, another Karen, and so many others. I am loving what we are creating in 2013.

A new blogger friend, what synchronicity. Kel I love it.

Ascension Help Blog

Higher Self Meditation~

The Cosmic Flush

AscensionHelp Radio

Much Love & Peace Friends~

Sindy Sue

Oh, Oh! After the meditation last night I checked the chakras and all were up and running. Yes!