Odd title for what I want to talk about but maybe it will make sense and tie in. If you read my blog, or have read my About page, you will see that I am a mixed bag. I am no one discipline but all of them. I am a spiritual Jack of all Trades. My personal beliefs are all over the place. I am like a casserole, a little, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, New Age, meditations, paganism, prayer, Qigong, anyway, You get the point. Lately I have really been seeking that point of peace . I have been listening to all sorts of spiritual speakers, teacher and musicians. Deepak Chopra is among my favorites, but I haven’t downloaded them yet, they’re Forty dollars, but worth it.

So in my Reader, here at Word Press, I discover this website: Ascension Help Blog, the blogger is Cameron Day. The more I read, the more I liked and resonated with Cameron. I like his style and his techniques are Self Sovereign, and I am good with that.

His meditation to bring in the Higher Self and Galactic Core energies were just what I needed. There is also The Cosmic Flush. Just awesome stuff.  Last night after a hot lavender salt bath, I did the meditation. Wow, oh wow! I slept like a baby. I really like working (communing,) with my own higher aspects, and God Source. I linked Cameron Day’s blog above, and will link his meditations and radio link below.

I had a experience/transmission from the Galactic Core a while back I posted here. So I found the synchronicity interesting. I have had a lot of synchronicity with other blogger friends lately too. Shree, Karen, Leigh ,Fran, Renard, another Karen, and so many others. I am loving what we are creating in 2013.

A new blogger friend, what synchronicity. Kel I love it.

Ascension Help Blog

Higher Self Meditation~

The Cosmic Flush

AscensionHelp Radio

Much Love & Peace Friends~

Sindy Sue

Oh, Oh! After the meditation last night I checked the chakras and all were up and running. Yes!