Katherine Ace

ONE WITH NATURE   “Isn’t Earth a lovely place to spend some time? Take a few moments to drink in the beauty of this planet. Focus on the flowers and plants. Feel gratitude for the animals that hold everything in balance. Be appreciative of the water sources that provide nourishment for your body and soul. Feel the magnificence of the mountains, the prairies, the seaside and deserts. Breathe it all in and receive the nurturance that Mother Nature provides for all.

We offer you an exercise to help become more in tune with the energies and sentience of the Beings around you. The best place to do this is in Nature, away from the noise and interruptions of humankind. If you have trees nearby, choose one for this activity. Second choice would be a bush or perennial flowers. If you are in a place that has no outdoor space or you must remain indoors, then cozy up to a houseplant. Lean with your back against the tree or sit near the plant.

Take several deep breaths while relaxing your muscles and clearing your mind of the day’s activities. As your mind clears, focus on the plant. Scrutinize the plant, looking carefully at each part, including the underside of its leaves. Notice the coloration of the various parts, the shape of the leaves, the bark or stem, each section of its blossoms. Are there any insects on the plant, if so, what are they doing?

Remember that the plant is giving off oxygen, which gives you the ability to live on this planet. Take a few moments to ingest this information. What would happen if plants did not exist? There would be no life on Earth. Give gratitude to the plants for the oxygen they freely supply.

All plants are a source of nutrition for humans, animals and insects. Their foliage, when left at their base, supplies nutrients to itself and the soil. In the wild, plants help retain the soil, allowing it to regenerate, supplying the necessary ingredients to support all life. Take time to thank all plants for their symbiotic relationship that works in balance to allow you to live on Earth.

With your eyes closed, try to feel the energy of the plant. This is easier to do when you are in a state of love and gratitude. As you practice with various plants, you will come to realize that individual plants have “personalities.” You may find that some species tend to have softer energy, while others feel more fiery. You may notice that your individual houseplants have different energies; some may seem needy while others emit good vibes.

When you become more attuned to their energies, you will discover they respond to your attention and neglect. Plants also respond to music and soothing voices. When you begin to pay more attention to your plants, you may find them calling to you, “Water me! Look at me! Sing to me!”

Go into nature often and become observant. Take time each day to give gratitude to plants and animals, recognizing and appreciating the balance they provide on Earth. Notice the soil and rocks and the symbiotic relationships they have to all. Realize that every step you take, every breath you make affects the Earth. Connect often with the Beings of Nature and learn to live simply, without judgment. Soon, your heart will be filled with joy as you notice the miracles that surround you! Selamet! Lamat 10

Theresa Crabtree

Mayan Messages