I have a new archangel friend. Maybe they were there all along but I just discovered this. At the meditation meetup Thursday, the facilitator Holly acts as a conduit for some amazing high frequencies. The room was filled with angels, I saw an angel I didn’t recognize came and touched me on my 3rd eye with silver. Later that night I did an Angel tarot reading and looked down to see an image on the Temperance card of the new angel (new to me) Zadkiel. So I thought I would do some research. I find him very playful.

(Painting above not the card but close.)


Just as Zadkiel encourages people to seek the forgiveness that God offers them, he also encourages people to forgive others who have hurt them, and helps deliver divine power that people can tap into to enable them to choose forgiveness, despite their hurt feelings. Zadkiel helps heal emotional wounds by comforting people and healing their painful memories. He helps repair broken relationships by motivating estranged people to show mercy to each other.


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About Holly:

About the facilitator: Holly Matthews is a channel for multidimensional consciousness. She has the ability to navigate dimensional frequencies and bring in their vibrational healing and intelligence by emanating them through her body into the room and floor. These fields of light are from sources of the archangels, ascended masters, Euphorics and from Source. You are assured a protected, positive environment with wonderful spiritual acceleration from these energies.

I love my Thursday night meditations. School is good. All is well.

I would like to thank Linda, of Litebeing Chronicles for my mini reading. A very spiritual and intuitive insight. I found it both comforting and helpful. Linda is now offering these services, which you can read more about here, on her Service Page.

Much love everyone, have a great week.


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Energy In Motion


Angel Music

This is from the blog Mayan Messages, by Theresa Crabtree. Her message today seemed poignant so I wanted to share it. The title says allot, Energy in Motion = Emotion

ENERGY IN MOTION = EMOTION  There is nothing in this universe that is static or stands still. Are you ready to get off the fence of indecision and create the reality of your dreams? Begin by making a list of things you would like to experience in your life. To energize them, clearly see and feel them coming into your reality. Perhaps you have found others with similar intentions and have created pods to help co-create your dreams. Now what? Walk through the door and enter the utopia you envision. It is already here, even if you can’t see it.

There are many ways to accomplish staying on your Path.. We encourage you to be fearless and creative in all your endeavors. Before arising each morning, build a sense of love by creating an attitude of gratitude, thanking all persons, places and events, in all the Realms for the gift of the present moment.

You are now on the threshold, ready to leave unwanted patterns and belief codes behind. Take time to mull over your dream or project and ask for guidance throughout the day to recognize the clues and synchronicities that will come your way. Bring up feelings of trust that all is in motion and that in essence, it already exists. Some call this, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” On one level, this is very accurate. Feel what it will be like to walk this Path in joy. Feel what the outcome will be like.

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Thank you Theresa

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Give Yourself A Hand



Angel Music

I had an absolutely incredible day, busy, but good. Started with watching a film on Autism for my Special Education class. The documentary The Horse Boy, was so profound for me, and not for the reasons I was suppose to view it. It’s a story of a fathers journey with his wife and autistic, four year old son, and their journey of healing through shamanism. There were so many elements and reminding symbols for me in regards to my own journey. My shaman friends will really appreciate the film.

My first week of school I read an article in a local magazine about The Peyote Church, which is 4 hours from here. The article moved me like the film, I am sitting in the school cafe area, wiping tears away. lol  Although I am really ambivalent about doing it, I am giving it some serious consideration. The following week, same magazine, different addition, an article on the local Camelback Mountain, and it spoke of all the nature to be seen, if one could manage the arduous climb. All this in combination with the feathers, my visions with shamaictracking, and so on is really pointing me toward shamanism.  I have some studies in shamanism but now I have a clear direction.

Then tonight I went to the meditation. It was awesome. I have found a real wellspring of high dimensional frequency. I mean wow, OMG!!! Good! All in all a really fabulous Super Moon, New Moon (Not Full) in Aquarius for this girl.

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I am now obsessed with the Hand of Fatima art, so you will be seeing them. lol Anybody feeling the affects from this Super Moon tomorrow? I know I am. I am a big fan of the full moon…..NOT!  lol But I shall prevail and smile through it. Despite homework assignments due. Thanks be, I have a local meditation tomorrow. I really wanted to blog about my experience in this women’s group. Wow! She can facilitate some high frequency love energy. Love radiates in the room, like a love bath. I need to ask her if she wants me to include her name. It was so amazing last Thursday and I am so happy there is one tomorrow.


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New Moon in Aquarius

Mystic Mamma

Fiesta Estrella

SO IF ITS NOT FULL why the heck they call it a Super Moon?

So it’s not a full moon but I assumed so because it felt that way to me!