The Calm


“I” is only a convenient term for somebody who has no real being.

Virginia Woolf

 That will give one cause to pause, and ponder its truth. In dialogue with Ms. Mary, from Walking My Path, we discovered we were both planning post on “wind” which is very present here in Arizona, and New Mexico, where Ms. Mary resides. I like to call her Ms. Mary, as it makes me think of The Secret Garden. So for me, “March Wind” went to the bin. That wind reminded me of the wind as spoke of by Don Juan, as menacing, but that is a matter of perception. However is roared, and blustered about, and felt . . . impending? It was this same time of year, well in February that I moved here to Arizona, and crossed New Mexico with the 50 mph winds, and now three years later both my soul sister, and myself discuss the wind. Just reading Ms. Mary had a much happier perspective on the wind, she was dancing with the wind.

So I set outside on a truly lovely Spring day reading Virginia Woolf,s essay, “A Room Of One’s Own” and what a treat it is. This class has been challenging with the double work load, as it is being done in 8 weeks, but some great literature. You know how when you see a powerful film it affects you for days afterwards? On Monday I read T. S. Elliot’s, “The Hollow Men,” it is so powerful. For me the poem was enhanced by a video made by a grad student. If you have a moment, watch it. When she actually reads the poem . . . omg, she reads the poem well, it makes me cry, or is it that darn wind.

Post Script: I had to add that when I sat to write this the time, as I glanced at my phone, was 1:11. Just now when I turn on my laptop to add this, 3:33.