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 Ho’ oponopono Prayer Meditation

Mirror, mirror on the wall? Ms. Judy Moon recently titled a post on her blog Wellness Seeds. Although Judy has not chosen to opt into the “Let’s Go Retro Challenge” I am opting her in. lol

Judy talk about Louise Hay’s Mirror Technique, where you look into the mirror and say, “I love you!” or any number of positive and affirming things. Judy was beginning a 30 day dedication to this technique, and I thought, “What a great idea!” So. . . I propose a challenge within a challenge, wrapped inside a challenge. Okay I got carried away there. But starting tomorrow, June 1, I am going to commit to do this mirror work. Why not? Right? For some reason combining this with the Ho’ oponopono Prayer comes to mind. I love to do metaphysical experiments, for example, “affirmations,” if you do them diligently you get results, I have done this on 3 different occasions in my life. So as a metaphysical experiment I commit to doing this and Qigong. I have been doing Qigong but I have missed a day here and there. That won’t do. 30 days to create a habit. Let’s see what happens.

~Let’s Go Retro Challenge~


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Climb Every Mountain



 Christina A. version

Finally I found an angle on this prompt for this week’s Dungeon Prompts, Overcoming Ourselves…..

It takes me the better part of two days to visit and read all the blogs I follow, which can only be done in the summer when I am not in school. But…..I love doing it, I am educated, informed and inspired by my World Press blogging friends…lol I know Word Press but it really is World Press.

I read Sreejit’s post, My Journey, which made so much sense, especially after reading his mother’s blog and having a discussion with her yesterday. After reading Sreejit’s journey I thought of my own but I am still reading and catching up on blogs. I came across a friends post “Enjoy Every Sandwich,” which is a post about cucumber sandwiches, not her usual fare, she write some deep, and thought proving post as well, but for some reason the play on words caused the song from The Sound of Music, Climb Every Mountain, to pop into my head, and even while I am typing this and listening to the nice OM video shared by Julianne Victoria, it is overlaid with Climb Every Mountain. No, I am not done yet with the preamble. Getting there, wait for it, wait for it….lol now I am just being silly.

So still reading blogs, and not done yet….I come to my friend Ken Sheetz blog post, The Robin Williams Visitations. I love that Ken just puts himself out there. I have had to really push on that one but if you read my blog you can see that I now, just do it. I believe Ken because it has happened to me too, not with Robin and not often, just a couple of times, most recently last year when my friend died, which you can read about here. But a celebrity appearance has been made and it was several years ago, and I worked with him for about a month. He had first visited my friend as she was working at Warner Brother’s Studio lot, as she told me what happened, he started talking to me too, and she and I worked on something for him. I will not go into it now but it was very real, perhaps another time? It got me thinking about my journey and overcoming myself.

I have not overcome today’s self but I have overcome yesterdays, and maybe last weeks, last months, last years……Maybe, and then again, maybe not. It is a moment by moment process.

I thought about my journey since working with that departed celebrity, and how what a literal journey it has been. Only a year or so later, after listening to a missive from my Higher Self, which instructed me to leave California by November 1, 2010, and the absolute courage it took to do that. I had lived there for 30 years; it was my life, my beloved apartment, and my friends. I didn’t really want to do it, but I felt that I must, so I took the steps, one at a time. Then I spent a couple of years back in Louisiana which I had escaped many years prior, it wasn’t for me, but I have lots of love and gratitude to my brother and sister in law Renee, for giving me a space to heal. You see I had completely broken down in LA, after my best friend died, and my finances were a shamble.  Thanks to my family I had a lot of peace and quiet time to recoup, also thanks to my family for pushing me out of the nest. So then my journey from Louisiana, west again to Arizona, this too took courage as I chose to make that trek alone driving. So many of you were there for me on that journey…thank you!

So I am still overcoming myself every day. I need to overcome myself right now, and go get my phone fixed. Ugh, I just don’t want to. Lol

Please do go and check out some of the links I have shared. If you are not already acquainted with these blogger buddies of mine, you might just like them? 😀

Thank you all for adding beautiful colors that I paint my perceptions with. I love you all~






 My 444th Post

So continuing on from my last post I had experienced what I call angel signs. I decide to go for a meditation/nap, one usually leads to the other at home, and I am cool with that. I usually have something playing, a meditation, some gentle music, but I went for quiet and applied reiki to myself, and quieted the mind chatter, and fell asleep. It was only a couple hours before we were to leave to go to the meditation. I hadn’t been asleep long and I awake to water being sprayed on the front door, I am thinking, why is my sister washing the front door? lol She wasn’t we were having a thunder storm. The wind is crazy and it blows in all directions at the same time, the sound of rolling thunder was freaky. I don’t know if I have ever heard rolling thunder like that before, it lasted for like a long time with no break in sound. Rain is coming down and blowing in all directions. It is monsoon season here but it was sunny and not expected. By the time we got ready to leave about 30 minutes later it had stopped.

As I mentioned in the previous post my sister had purchased some new crystals, the Thursday before she had received a certain stone and within days it had broken in half, I had a rose quartz break in half that same Thursday.  We researched various opinions on the breaking, and read the meanings…her stone and mine. On the drive to meditation there were trees and limbs down all over, I said it looked like a tornado almost (not that bad) but my sister told me they are called microburst which makes more sense to what I say the wind doing. Fascinating, anyways after the meditation which is a whole other fantastic journey, I start seeing correlations in destruction and creation, a line of thought running from the broken stones, and the broken tree limbs. I had seen The Tower card in a reading I had done for myself in relation to another, so I was seeing the good side of this card, which I never really am thrilled to see in my reading. Things felt released and cleansed. I guess you really do have to break some eggs to make an omelette.

Lots and lots of magical fairy elements going on lately, has been for awhile now, but what is interesting to me, is when I see and read it so many other places. In meditation we practiced feeling shifts in the dimensions and fields, being mutable. We had a nice fairy interaction but we went so way beyond, it was just really cool, and only 4 of us in attendance. So much high frequency interaction, and energy running, I was so buzzed afterwards. lol

That is all for now, I am still processing all i experienced yesterday and in last nights meditation. Perhaps onced processed I will share more later.


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Outside earlier between writing the last post and this, I put on James Hood playing the PanArt Hang, and the birds and butterflies came out like in Disney’s Cinderella. They really liked it. lol

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