For some reason I have the great beyond on my mind. I didn’t realize it to I posted Hollywood Forever Cemetery on my other blog, that in conjunction with my last post here on Near Death Experiences.  Having lost a couple of dear, dear friends in the last couple of years and being the metaphysical type that I AM, I wonder,” where do we go?”

I was raised as a Christian but lets just say I have broadened my parameters. So is it Heaven or is it Heavenly?

There is a channeled message called “Messages from Mathew” a young man that died young speaks from his mother. (I am not saying I believe all channeled messages but I read them,) anyway he says, and I paraphrase from memory, that there is a soft fluffy pink place that is like a Soul Hospital and many if traumatized at death, go there first for healing.

When my best friend died, and he was a very spiritual person that loved nature. Brazil and the Amazon jungle was one of his favorite places. I wondered where are you? I tried to sense him, I wanted to dream of him. However it seemed to be nowhere in my range of sensing. Then a year later another friend died, she was my crazy, fun Russian gal pal, we drank and smoked and laughed and laughed together. She had a great accent and everything she said made me laugh. I would make the most obscure joke that nobody would get and she would laugh. I digress, De De I will call her had suffered in her life, to me or many it was not obvious but she had just never felt loved, she had really bad insomnia and could go a week without sleep, as a result she would severely abuse her prescribed medication. She always said that she would not live long but I didn’t believe her. Some thought her death might have been a suicide but I had spoken with her and I do not think so. Her heart just stopped because of her abuse of the medication. So I felt De De certainly went to the pink after world hospital for a spell.

I have studied this subject in so many different belief systems and still none of us have a concrete answer. A topic that I will continue to ponder.


Mathew’s Messages

Peace & Peanut Butter (my other blog)

Much love, considering my post yesterday, I am thinking I could be a little depressed. I am menopausal and need my chaste tree extract. lol

Benefits of Ginseng For Women


Benefits of Ginseng For Women

The benefits of ginseng for women cannot be overlooked in the modern world. It has been used for centuries to treat all manner of disorders and is a very popular herbal remedy with both men and women. It is often taken in capsule form or as a tea.

It is a widely-used herb, particularly in Chinese medicine. It comes in three varieties – American, Asian and Siberian.

The American variety is known as “cooling” ginseng. The Asian variety is also known as red ginseng. It is a stronger type and more warming and energy giving. Siberian ginseng comes from the same family of plants as the American and Asian varieties but is not a true ginseng.

Ginseng health benefits include:

  • Regulation of menstruation and PMS. Ginseng has hormone-balancing qualities, which is useful for women in the early stages of the menopause, as it regulates estrogen production from the ovaries. The American variety of ginseng is recommended for those suffering from hot flashes due to its ‘cooling’ qualities.
  • Anti-aging properties. A number of skin creams now include ginseng in their list of ingredients. It has a toning effect on the skin and can help to balance oil production within the skin.
  • The increase of the libido. Women frequently find that their libido diminishes during menopause, and ginseng can help to stimulate the hormones that regulate this. Men have for many years used ginseng to combat similar problems.
  • Fighting colds and infections. Another of the benefits of ginseng for women is its incredible ability to boost the body’s immune system, thus helping to ward off the common cold and aid healing when an infection is present.
  • Many use ginseng for energy and to increase stamina. Ginseng can stimulate blood flow and can be used to combat fatigue and improve sports performance. If taking the herb for this reason, it is not recommended to be administered at night, as this could interfere with sleep.
  • Fighting memory loss. Lapses in memory can be very distressing and this can be a symptom of menopause. Using ginseng in combination with other herbs can aid the sharpening of mental focus and avoid these lapses.

Ginseng Weight Loss
It is also thought that ginseng may be useful when trying to lose weight, an issue with which many women are familiar. Its primary benefit is to aid with regulating blood sugar, which in turn reduces the amount of carbohydrate that the body stores as fat.

It should be noted though that ginseng should be used in conjunction with a balanced, low-fat diet to promote weight loss and will have little benefit if it is not.

Its ability to reduce fatigue and increase stamina should also help with weight loss, as those taking it will have increased energy levels for exercising.

Ginseng Side Effects
Although the benefits of ginseng for women are many, there are a number of side effects, and one should consult a medical professional if in doubt. Side effects can include high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, and agitation.

Those with a serious illness such as cancer or a heart condition should check with their doctor to ensure that it will not interfere with any prescribed medication.