Hello dear friends. I can write that and mean it. I love this community of bloggers. We are so blessed. I am going to try and post at least once a week, Source willing. ❤ So I just finished the second week back to school. I have really studied basic Algebra in my free time during the week. I am also starting a Math tutored class this week. So I am feeling pretty good about is this far. I have memorized the squares up to 2o to the second power. I think its interesting that 13 squared is 169 and 14 squared is 196. I think of autistic savant, Daniel Tammet’s book, Born on a Blue Day. Pretty fascinating stuff. I believe my prayers have been answered. I am feeling the fun of Algebra. For now. lol

I am taking 3 English classes. Countem folks…three. An Expository Writing class, that, just let me say, is expansive. I am going to HIGHLY recommend the writers, which is all of us, to read this book, its small, Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Greenberg.  Here is a pdf link. I said to my professor, I have been a writer all my life, and a metaphysician for the last 30 years, but I had never reconciled the two. Goldberg speaks from a very Zen prospective. She suggest a writing practice of flow and stepping away from our editor, editors. Just this morning I read this post by Shree, at The Heartsongs Blog, that just floored me with its honesty, and vulnerability. I am going to share a journal entry for this class in the next post. I wanted to write about it here anyway, so Two birds with One stone.

I also have a British Literature class that is three hours every Wednesday night. Luckily for me the professor is brilliant and funny.  I begin the third English class this week. English 200, Reading and Writing about Literature. Gosh, I am going to be so edumacated yall. 😉

Gong meditation tonight, whoopee!!!! I deserve it. I peddled cheddar cheese yesterday.