Lizardy Lizardy

I attended ASU, Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College, STEM Camp, this past summer, mostly for the $2000 stipend I needed to pay my rent. The check which I still haven’t received. Long story, it could be in the mailbox. However, the most valuable piece of information I came upon there was the concept of Growth Mindset. It was briefly introduced by a keynote speaker, Mawi Asgedom. As he only introduced the concept developed by, Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology, at Standford’s Lewis and Eaton, I had to go and research it myself. Her work is phenomenal and innovative in understanding why does only one of two people of equal talent, and abilities, one succeed in their goals and the other does not.

Why the lizard pictures? you ask? I will get to that. In the belief mindset model we have either one of two mindsets; fixed (which takes the easy route) the path of least resistance, or a growth mindset that challenges one to go beyond their fears, and limitations. In my research I discovered a series of videos that are just brilliant at expressing the model. The series are produced by Trevor Ragan, who is a motivational speaker, and has a BA in Sociology, from Duke University. I will link three of the videos below, but getting back to the lizards, I will now get to the connection. This video, “Overcoming Fear With Science” was so on target, I laughed.

The lizard brain concept is not new to me but seeing this presentation helped me to see how much I allow this part of me to make decisions. At the same time I have came into this new love for reptiles, probably since that gecko surprised me in the shower 6 months ago. I just find them just as loving as dogs or cats now. Or it could be a year ago when I met a cool lizard that belonged to an acquaintance. Whatever it is I find such a dramatic change in my psychology, an interesting self-observation.

Much love ~Enjoy

Growth Mindset Introduction


Oh and post script: Lizardy comes from my baby talk with my outdoor kitty, to whom which lizards are her favorite cat toy.

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