Magical Melodies

Hello friends. The weather has been so lovely this weekend, and I had such a magical day, that I kept getting distracted with the parrots  still visiting and a gentle sun. I have a new phone, a generous gift from a dear friend. A lady that is always helping others. My student teaching is going well. I really love it there, and my students, and teacher. Now three months to graduation. I am so excited I am almost doing the Snoopy Dance, but I know I will cry on my last day with these kids. But I am still excited.

Oh and guess what? I read my poetry at a poetry slam for ASU, and Eddy accompanied me  on guitar. I was kind of surprised I did that. The most fun was mentoring the young poets.

Here is my Magical Melodies Playlist. Sorry but the music is not available on YouTube. Two Beatles and two ELO.

Magical Mystery Tour

Strange Magic

Strawberry Fields Forever

All Over the World

I miss you all and I hope my post finds you in a happy light .

5 thoughts on “Magical Melodies

  1. Glorialana says:

    Happy Light and Happy Music to you :-). Hug you!

  2. Aquileana says:

    Congrats on reading your poem at a poetry slam … I bet it was a great experience… I am glad that you are enjoying your times as teacher, I am very happy for you… Love & best wishes! 😀 ❤

  3. anitashree says:

    Miss you too! Though that’s probably my own doing for not visiting your blog 😛 The images you chose for this post are so beautiful and fabulous 😀

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